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Evil Cross Survival Map!

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TheKill3r avatar TheKill3r
Level 12 : Journeyman Pokemon
Hello miners out there! In this map, you are in a floating cross looking platform and need to survive
like all other survival maps!

This map was hand made 100% by me, so I would be really glade if you could diamond so others would
be able to try this map!

Note: You won't find rules and challenges in game

- Don't play on peaceful
- Don't cheat (Mods)
- Don't enter the nether or end

1. Grow 4 trees
2. Mine all the types of ores
3. Obtain the items from all 3 chests in the map
4. Make a cactus, sugar cane, melon and wheat farm
5. Create a cobblestone generator
6. Milk a cow
7. Kill a spider, creeper, zombie, skeleton and enderman
8. Create a 2 story house made of bricks
9. Make a waterfall from the top of the cross to the bottom
10. Spawn a baby chicken with an egg
11. Make a mine cart track that leads to the right and left of the cross and ride it
12. Create a stone sky ship that contains a bedroom, a flag and a stair case leading to the cross
13. Craft a jukebox and at least 2 disks for it to play
14. Invent an infinite water source
15. Create a piston
16. Craft a workbench, chest and furnace

Additional Notes

You may think i'm a noob because I am but this map, I promise you this map is enjoyable!
Credittoomanyitems mod/hack
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 05/17/2012 8:50:32 pmMay 17th, 2012

-Added more challenges
-Added more screenshots

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