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Exar-II Assault Frigate

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jackvony avatar jackvony
Level 35 : Artisan Soldier
The Exar II was a converted space-liner used by the Rebel Alliance as a frigate-class vessel. The vessel was known for its outstanding sublight speed, similar to the CR-90 corvette in use in the rebellion, but while still packing quite a significant punch. Its speed comes from the three enormous Corellian ion-turbine drives, whereas the punch mainly comes from the 6 dual-turret DBY-127 turbolasers. The ship also has 10 dual DXX-5 turbolasers, as well as multiple point defense laser guns. The ship's main deflector shield generator is located under the engineering boom, but each main gun turret and engine has its own shield, as well as secondary shield generators near key areas such as the main bridge.

The hull is divided into two main sections: the frontal section with living space and command and control and the rear section with the main reactors, propulsion, firepower, and shield systems. The ship has berthing for 270, though it can run with a smaller crew. It has a small brig and infirmary, with many lounges left over from its star liner days. It has both the obvious primary bridge, as well as a secondary bridge. There are also 6 escape pods located along the frontal hull sides. The ship also has a hangar in the belly. The hangar can carry two M3 Reeker long-range scout/attack craft, or up to 10 A-wing starfighters. It has both a front and rear entrance with there own hangar control.

This is my first submission in awhile, so I really wanted to make something special. There is a departure from my Star Trek stuff and it really allowed me to explore a more unique design. I am very proud of how the shape of the shell and the greebling turned out. I have never made such a curved hull before, nor have I done greebling very much. The design was inspired externally by the Recusant -class destroyers of the Separatists and the iconic CR90 blockade runner. The interior, especially the hallways, is heavily based on the interior of the CR90, as well as other rebel ships such as Home One.

I hope you enjoy. Maybe I'll do another ship like this soon.
Progress100% complete

03/03/2021 12:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
FirestarRust2020 avatar
This exar-II frigate is almost the length of a pelta class frigate aka phoenix home
01/30/2021 10:30 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice System
StarwarsSkull avatar
It is actually DBY-827 Dual Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
01/29/2021 8:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
magus616 avatar
c quoi ton texture pack ?

01/28/2021 11:24 pm
Level 41 : Master Soldier
MilitaryBuilders avatar
Absolutely love it, the engines and the hangar bay really amazed me. Nice work Jack.
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