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Exquisite Archery - An art minigame (1.19)

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Yirggzmb avatar Yirggzmb
Level 37 : Artisan Kitten
For 3 to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ players

Exquisite Archery is a non-competitive drawing game, with a twist: Your paintbrush is a bow and arrow! Three groups of players take turn drawing one third of each prompt without seeing the prior work, and at the end have a giggle over how silly everything is.

TO INSTALL: Unzip the file into your Saves folder and Open to LAN, or else upload the file to your server and unzip there.

HOW TO PLAY: Players are split into three teams. Each canvas is given a theme/prompt to draw. Each round, teams are rotated to a new canvas and draw one third of the theme there. Players should use the entire canvas they are given, as it will be covered and extended for the next round.
• Round One: Players will draw the bottom third of the theme (ie, a person's legs, the bottom floor of the building, etc)
• Round Two: Players draw the middle third of the theme (ie, a person's torso, the second floor of the building, etc)
• Round Three: Players draw the top third of the theme (ie, a person's head, the roof, etc)
After all three rounds, the full drawings are revealed and players are free to fly around
To go again, players can simply land in the lobby

TEAMS ROOM: In here, players can choose a team to join. They can also choose to spectate or leave any team they may be on. Every team requires at least one player. On game start, players not on a team will either be assigned a random team, or spectate, depending on the config setting you have chosen in the options room.

THEMES ROOM: Here, players can add themes to the list to be randomly chosen from. Just right-click a sign to receive some paper, name it in an anvil, and chuck it into the hopper in the center of the room. On download, game already contains nine themes in order to simplify getting a game going. These can be cleared in the Options room if desired.

OPTIONS ROOM: This room holds both config options and admin buttons. They are as follows:
• Round Length, choice of 2, 5, or 7 minutes
• Theme Count, choice of "All the Same" vs "Different per board"
• Unassigned Players, choice of "spectate" vs "random team"
• Randomize Teams, assigns all players to a random team
• Delete Themes, clears all themes in the list, even the defaults
• Moderate Themes, allows the player to enter the moderation room and delete any themes players no longer want
• Reset Lobby, resets the lobby back to a blank slate
• Reset Players/Boards, the "emergency reset". Returns players and boards to default.

THEME MODERATION ROOM: Accessed via the options room and a chat confirmation, this room allows one player to look through the themes loaded into the game. Themes will appear as papers in chests. The player may remove or alter the themes as needed, and save via a button on the wall. Entering the moderation room will end any game in progress and will lock all other players into the lobby until moderation has completed.
Warning, theme moderation can only handle a maximum of 1,458 themes. Attempting to moderate while having more the maximum will truncate the list at 1,458, and all themes beyond that point will be lost.

Play on Sticky Piston server trials here
CreditAll my friends who helped break the map ♥
Progress100% complete

5 Update Logs

/replaceitem to /item fix! Finally! : by Yirggzmb 06/21/2022 11:50:08 pmJun 21st


The map has been updated to work with versions past the removal of the replaceitem command. The version here is for 1.19. It's the exact same code as the 1.17.1+ version in the google drive, but the 1.17.1+ version has been opened in 1.17.1 at the latest, and the 1.19 version is marked in game as being opened in 1.19.

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