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Fallen Angel

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Fallen Angels
Creatures of beauty in both mind and body crafted to form the ideal form of beauty by their creator. They served their deity following their tenants. Usually of similar or standing taller than that of a human, despite their other shared features. Holding the grace of their deity, they had wings of a snow-white image, now they are tainted black to mark their betrayal. Other than the pair of black feathered wings on their backs, they are nearly identical to humans with a large variety of eye and skin colours.


This was built on Builders Refuge (IP: MC.BUILDERSREFUGE.COM) using various tools including; Voxel Sniper and World Edit It took me about 4 hours to build this.
Feel free to download this and use it as you please, If you use it please acknowledge me. I'd also love to see how you use it/what you use it for so please message me.

Built and created by me; chety
Built on: Builders Refuge | https://www.buildersrefuge.com/
Inspired By: Various Fantasy Games, Images and D&D 5e Homebrew content.

Message me if you want to

Discord: chety#2827
Progress100% complete
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