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Family Home - Blue Lakes Interior & Garden

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avatar NinjaCrafter22
Level 16 : Journeyman Ninja
This refurbished version of the Blue Lakes home is a perfect house for a family. The house's interior, as well as most of its gardens, were created in the style of the modern American home.

First, we will take a look at the yard. On the front left side, there is a child play area. This area contains a sandbox, a swing set, and a small basketball area. If we look further into the backyard, we can see the swimming pool and hangout area. Heading over to the deck, we can find a grill and a dining table. If we go to the corner, we can find the koi pond. If we follow the hedge garden, we will return to the front entrance.

The first room we'll see is the great room entrance. On the left is the living room and on the right is the dining room. If we keep heading forward, we will see the main study. To the right of the study is the kitchen.

If we take the stairs near the entrance to the dining room, we will arrive at the grandfather clock room. If we then head left, we will find the master bedroom and bathroom. If we head right from the grandfather clock room, we will arrive in the second study. If we keep heading down the hallway, we will find the children's bedroom and bathroom. Both bedrooms have a balcony overseeing the great room.

Interior & garden decorator:

NinjaCrafter22 (also known as ninja70707)

Entry for Interior Decorators contest (6/5/20 - 6/30/20).
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