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Fictional Japanese Battleship - 三河 (Mikawa)

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Epitaph avatar Epitaph
Level 48 : Master Sailor
My entry into the Watercraft Project contest! Also the first time I've tried anything resembling an interior. Please enjoy :)

EDIT: Now 50% of the screenshots are in-game ones in accordance with contest rules. I'm no photographer, so please forgive their rather Gonzo photographic style >.<

AU profile - Just as the Kii-class battleships were to the Nagato-class, the 三河 (Mikawa) class battleships were enlarged versions of the Number 13 battleship, adding both armour and firepower to the base design of the Number 13-class without compromising speed. The result is a class of extremely large battleships, longer than the Yamato-class and nearly as broad, which can bring to bear a fearsome amount of firepower to bear on any that dare oppose the Land of the Rising Sun.

Class overview
Name:Mikawa class
Operators:width=23 Imperial Japanese Navy
Preceded by:Number 13 class
General characteristics
Type:Fast battleship
Displacement:75,000 tonnes (normal)
  • 332 m (1089 ft 2.87 in) at water-line
  • 343 m ( 1125 ft 3.94 in) overall
Beam:37 m (121 ft 4.69 in) at Waterline
Draught:9.5 m (31 ft 2.02 in)
  • 10 Improved Kampon boilers, driving 4 steam turbines
  • 220,000 shp (164 MW)
  • four 4-bladed propellers, 5 m (16 ft 4.85 in) diameter
Speed:33 knots (61.1 km/h; 38 mph)
  • As built:
  • 10 × 46 cm/60 (18.1 in) Type 10 guns (5×2).
  • 18 × 14 cm/60 (5.5 in) Type 6 guns (18×1).
  • 16 x 10 cm/65 (3.9 in) Type 98 guns (8x2).
  • 64 × 4 cm/60 (1.57 in) Type 5 guns (32×2).
  • 106 × 25 mm/60 (1 in) Type 96 guns (30×3 + 8x2).
  • 650 mm (26 in) on face of main turrets
  • 400 mm (16 in) side armor, inclined 15 degrees
  • 200 mm (8 in) armored deck
Aircraft carried:
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 02/23/2019 4:11:39 pmFeb 23rd, 2019

Revised the screenshots to ensure 50% of them are in-game ones for the contest (currently:10 in Chunky, 10 in Minecraft). Now I remember why I switched to Chunky and never looked back >.<

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02/25/2019 11:21 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Sailor
tillwill avatar
You should have completed the interior. Though your layout looks nice.
Doing interior on fictional ships is really great, there's so much less constraint than doing replicas where space and oftentimes pictures of areas are scant.
02/21/2019 12:07 pm
Level 34 : Artisan uwu
Renown avatar
Stern of the ship is kinda lame , but thats a magnificent design and interior! The armor schemeand boilers is a great touch , but would have loved turret interior.
02/21/2019 12:33 pm
Level 48 : Master Sailor
Epitaph avatar
Thank you for the compliment!

I'm still figuring out how to do the stern of a ship properly, I'm afraid. I find that I tend to build the stern a little too fine to fit that Yamato-esque quarterdeck on the end properly, so all you end up with is this rather compressed version. Add to the fact that the above-water hull is shallower than the Yamato, and the result is that there's not enough space vertically to cut into the hull to simulate a hanger either.

It's a bit of a problem when you have about 80% of the ship built and then realize the stern's too shallow. >.<
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