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Fictional Japanese Flugdeckkreuzer - 和泉 (Izumi)

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Or 'An answer to the question: What if the Germans taught the Japanese how to build a battleship-carrier?'

AU Profile: Later members of the Izumi-class became platforms for experimental conversions into various kinds of hybrid battleship-carriers and pure aircraft carriers during the 60s. Spiritual forefathers of this variant are the 'Flugdeckkreuzers' of Interwar Germany, early-war paper projects based on the Richelieu, and the post-war conversion projects of the Lion-class battleships.

Original battleship build can be found here.
Ise-style hybrid battleship-carrier build can be found here.

Next up: Two full-fledged carriers based on the Izumi hull.
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06/21/2017 10:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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These ships and the other versions you made are absolutly awesome :D

You can really see the influence of the Shipdesigns that existed, the Ise-class of course, the Amagi-class in the hull design, the Yamato-class in turret design, and the Shinano and Taiho-style bridge/smokestack design.

Also, the similarties to your B-65 Super Cruiser Desgns are there as well.
Just wonderfull.