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Fictional Japanese Heavy Cruiser Iwate 1:1

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Thanks to Commentered for allowing me to use his 100mm Japanese high angle dual purpose mount and the triple mount Type 96 25mm AA gun!

IJN Iwate was a fictional Japanese heavy cruiser built in early 1940's by Imperial Japanese Navy . She was the lead ship of 4 Iwate-class heavy cruisers which consisted of Iwate and her sister ships Asama , Tokiwa , Yakumo. As a tradition , Japanese heavy cruisers were named after mountains/volcanos. Iwate was named after Mount Iwate in Japan. Her sister ships Asama , Tokiwa and Yakumo were the same but they also had the name of Japanese armored cruisers Asama , Tokiwa and Yakumo.

Note: I'm not an expert on naval design , so many of the aspects about her design might actually be false.

They were the most powerful heavy cruisers of the world in the time. They were refitted in 1942 with extra anti aircraft guns and 10 cm/65 Type 98 naval gun same mount as IJN Taiho. They participated in many of naval engagements against United States Navy. In 1943 ,Tokiwa was heavily damaged in combat , losing one of her turrets. Meanwhile she was in repair , the 356mm gun mounts left from IJN Ise and IJN Hyuga (after their conversion to hybrid aircraft carriers) were used to replace the 203mm triple turrets. As IJN couldn't build another mount , this was the quickest solution.

The Iwate-class was seemed to be more stable than other Japanese heavy cruisers as they had smaller superstructure and less guns for their size. They were designed to be less top heavy than other Japanese cruisers , being less top heavy than some United States Navy cruisers. Their low freeboard was one of the most clear aspects of their design. They were designed to be fast as possible , but having more protection than Mogami-class heavy cruisers. Having a funnel merged from three funnels , they had an enormous single funnel. Their anti aircraft suite was amongst the best , as the deck was cramped of Type 96 anti aircraft guns , which were severly flawed in design but was the only good anti aircraft gun Japanese had in the time.

In an engagement , Tokiwa was sunk by United States Navy heavy cruisers and destroyers , getting hit by several shells and torpedoes. Yakumo was sunk by its own torpedoes , as they were hit by enemy cruisers , leading to an enormous explosion ripping her into two. Homewer , Iwate survived till the end of the war , was planned to be converted to an hybrid heavy cruiser just like Mogami class but it was cancelled due to more important constructions. The last sister ship Asama also survived till the end of the war but was captured by United States as a war prize. Under hands of United States Navy , she was poorly demolished in a nuclear weapon test in sea.

Dimensions and armament:

Lenght: 235 meters (blocks)

Beam: 25 meters
Draft: 8 meters

Main guns: 4x3 203mm/50 3rd year type naval guns
Secondary battery: 6x2 10 cm/65 Type 98 naval gun
Torpedo armament: 4x3 Type 93 torpedoes
Anti aircraft: 75x Type 96 25mm AA gun spam.
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02/19/2020 7:10 am
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Absolutly awesome design. It looks quite real, has great details but is not over-detailed and the size fits. Nice work.
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