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Fictional Ocean Liner RMS Godvia 1913

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Level 6 : Apprentice Architect
The RMS Godvia is a fictional ocean liner from the Edwardian Era. She was owned by the fictional British shipping company, Blue Star Line.

This Ship is built in 1:1 scale.


Length: 106 blocks/meters

Width/Beam: 15 blocks/meters

Draught/Draft/Depth: 5 blocks/meters

Size: 7950 GRT

The RMS Godvia was laid down in Belfast Ireland at Harland & Wolff on August 5th 1909 and work on her hull began immediately, she was launched and christened by His Majesty, King Edward VII on July 28th 1911. She wasn't the biggest ship in the world, but she wasn't small either, coming in at 7950 GRT (Gross Registered Tons). Her construction took longer than hoped due to some minor complications but she completed her building just in time for her fitting out process, she was fitted with her boilers and engines first having a triple screw propeller system, the center propeller being powered by a new invention at the time, the steam turbine. Her 2 outboard propellers were were powered by 2 traditional Quadruple expansion steam reciprocating engines. she was completed the following year on October 2nd 1912, her completion was delayed due to the Titanic disaster and she had to be put back into drydock so she could be refitted with more lifeboats, a double hull and adding watertight roofs to her water tight compartments. her grand staircase was also rebuilt changing the type of wood being used. She began her sea trials on October 8th 1912 and finished successfully. She began her maiden voyage on October 16 1912 under the command of the companies Commodore, Captain Samuel T. Johnson, her Maiden Voyage was Flawless, completing it on October 26 1912, there was a fair amount of fanfare when she blew her mighty whistles upon entering New York Harbor, she had a stunning career until the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914. Not even 3 days into the war the RMS Godvia was Requisitioned by the Admiralty to serve as a troopship and her hull was painted gray along with her funnels, her bright blue line that went across her side was painted over and her portholes were all blacked out. she had 2 four inch guns mounted on her bow deck, and 1 six inch gun mounted to her stern. After nearly 2 years she was finally ripped of her luxurious interiors and painted in a dazzle paint scheme, she was given 4 extra collapsible boats that were never removed after the war. After her refitting in 1916 news spread like wildfire about the biggest ship to be sunk in the war, that ships name was the RMS Britannic, after this news the RMS Godvia also started transporting injured troops to hospital ships. Towards the end of the war she was almost sunk by a U-Boat but her skipper Samuel T. Johnson (the lines commodore) ordered full steam and hard to port in the direction of the U-Boat and had her knife like bow slice through the U-Boat DEAD CENTER at 21.5 knots and her sharp propeller blades chopped the rest of the submarine into bits, when she arrived in Halifax she went through an extensive examination and there came the conclusion that she would have to return to Belfast to have new propellers fitted. After her repairs she was put back into service as a hospital ship in 1917 and served as a hospital ship until the end of the war, she wasn't turned over to her owners for a whole 2 weeks after the war because she assisted in transporting soldiers back home, and on August 12th 1918 the HMHS Godvia was returned to her owners, the Blue Star Line. She went through an extensive refit having a brand new coat of paint on every piece of furniture and was converted to oil burning. The RMS Godvia was put back into service a year later and sailed through what were her best and most profitable voyages and finally on December 24th 1934, the RMS Govia began her final voyage under the command of her first captain, Commodore Samuel T. Johnson, the crowed waving her off in New York Harbor was the largest audience she had ever experienced, she was booked to full capacity and was getting old, then on January 1st 1935 she arrived at Harland & Wolff because... HER CAREER WAS NOT OVER YET! She was to have an extensive overhaul to be converted into a floating hotel and enjoy accommodating to her passengers of the modern days.
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