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Fighter Craft | The FROST-BITE

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avatar GemBuilder32
Level 31 : Artisan Artist
This is My Aircraft Contest Participation

Hope you guys like it.

Made up description

The "FROST-BITE" was built on September, 28 2032 and owned by the American's, the American's built numerous amounts of this Fighter Craft. At Around 3,323 Craft's were built. The armament of the Fighter-Craft are the following: Frosty Ice Missiles, and the Icicle Snow Gun. They've also sent some of their Craft from other countries such as; Philippines, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, etc. It was named by the designer "Frostbite Wren Ivy". The "FROST-BITE" Joined WW3 on 2039 during it's battle's with Germany, And North Korea. There were also other craft that can go toe-toe with the craft, like the German "BLCK PHNTM" or the "BPH" for short, which has superior weapons against the "FROST-BITE", the North-Korean "SKY PANTHER" or the "SKYTHER". But the "FROST-BITE" Is not the only one, she has Friends from her Allies, like the Russian "CUB-32", the Chinese "MIG-400", the Philippine "RAMON-350", the South Korean "K-STAR 120", the Japanese "SHINO-HEKATE". One battle from the war on January 23rd, 2042 the "FROST-BITE 12", piloted by "Konuzaki Shino" a Japanese Pilot. She was encountered by a "SKYTHER", on the City of Beijing, later "Komuzaki Shino" defeated the "SKYTHER" with 50 rounds from the "Icicle Snow Gun". By the end of the War the "FROST-BITE" is now in the placement as the new Main Fighter-Craft in America.

(P.S This is just a made up story of Fiction)
Progress100% complete

2 replies

03/16/2019 6:07 am
Level 36 : Artisan Dragonborn
looks awesome and good luck :)
03/16/2019 6:31 am
Level 31 : Artisan Artist
Thank's bro! :)

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