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Final Fantasy VIII World!!!

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DuoMaxwell2x4 avatar DuoMaxwell2x4
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
Hello Everybody!!!

Long... Time.... No.... See.....>>

This is a small update, I know its been years, but between minecraft updates, and my computer just lagging massively on this build....and minecraft in general...all the time...I had to take a break...

But good news! Breaks over! I'm back!

I got a new pc which runs the game amazingly! So expect more updates soon!

Now, to get to the point of this build....

Balamb Garden is my biggest build to date, and its my dream build, I want to build and finish this so I can even send it to Square-Enix to show them my love and dedication to this game. This game has been a part of my life since its release, to the point I played it on a computer with 8GB (tried to play it on one with 2GB but couldn't) and couldn't even see the whole game because of incompatibility...but dammit I was desperate lol

Now as you know...

This build started off as a Balamb Garden Build, but I wanted more!

Not just to have it be the most accurate build out there, but to have the whole world map! Which I was all ready and willing to get into to figure out on my own since I've had no contact for help...and realized too late that there is nothing yet program wise, for easy world building on minecraft 1.13....

So sadly, that part is still on hold.....damnit...

Progress so far....

Don't let that 10% fool you! There has been alot of work done to this build, and now, there is even more...

While I still need to work on the world map, I have been working in other areas, and with all the new blocks that came out? redoing alot of areas, so I've been trying to spend my time updating Balamb before continuing construction on other parts of the map...that and when I went to try and mess with the programs to edit my world map on an older version of my build (so I could learn the program....I realized that Balamb town is way too close to Balamb garden....oops... now I know thats an easy fix, but again, I cant do that quite yet until I can modify the map, so I will work more on the everything else til then.

Now while yes I am the main builder alot of my friends have helped me make this awsome build, unfortunately real life is a thing, and many of them I havnt seen let alone talked to in a long time because of said real life. So its back to being a solo build for now...

But other then that...now what you are all waiting for


Balamb Island

Balamb Garden: 90%

  • Main Entrance: 100%
  • Main Tunnel: 95% (tunnel is done, above the rest area is not)
  • Infirmary: 100%
  • Quad: 99.9% (just need to change some biomes which is on hold)
  • Cafeteria: 100%
  • Dorms: 75% (Under Reconstruction)
  • Parking Lot: 95% (waiting on Dorm Rebuild before finishing)
  • Training Center: 5%
  • Library: 100%
  • Outside Decoration: 95% (still have some tree tops and grass to decorate)
 Balamb Garden 1/2 Floor: 75% (Some rooms are still empty, need decorated and built. Ballroom is done though!)

 Balamb Garden 2 Floor: 75% (Some classrooms need decorated and populated)

 Balamb Garden 3rd Floor: 95% But up for reconstruction.

 Balamb Garden B1: 5% Up for reconstruction.

 Balamb Garden B2: 10% (Finally started on this massive project!)

 Balamb Garden Ring: ha...haha....hahaha.....25%

Path to Balambs: 100% until world remodel...

Town of Balamb: 70% (still need to work on that dock and hotel area. Decorate homes too..)

Fire Cavern: 0%

Galbadia Continent

Dollet: 0%

Timber: 0%

Deling City: 0%

Winhill: 0%

Galbadia Garden: 0%

Tomb of Unknown King: 0% (I 'really really REALLY' wanna work on this area!!! its so gorgeous!!!)

Missle Base: 0%

Desert Prison: 0%

Landscaping: 0%

Fishermans Hirozon Bridge

Train Bridge: 0%

Fishermans Horizon: 0%

Landscaping: 0%

Esthar Continent

Esthar: 0%

Esthar Airstation: 0%

Esthar Sorceress Memorial: 0%

Lunatic Pandora Labratory: 0%

Lunar Gate: 0%

Tears' Point: 0%

Chocobo Forest: 0%

Chocobo Sanctuary: 0%

Landscaping: 0%

Tribia Continent

Shumi Village: 0%

Tribia Garden: 0%

3 Chocobo Forests: 0%

Landscaping: 0%

Centra Continent

White Seed Ship: 0%

Floating Balamb and Galbadia Gardens: 0%

Edea's House: 0% (past and/or Present???)

Centra Ruins: 0%

Cactuar Island: 0% (Im ganna put so many Cactuars~!!!)

2 Chocobo Forests: 0%

Landscaping: 0%

Corner Island

Deep Sea Research Center: 0%

Landscaping" 0%

Anyways thats it of what needs to be done!

Just to let you know, I have restarted this, and I am still interested in some help.

So please, if your interested let me know! Doesnt matter how long ago I started this.

Also I'll put up a save file of balamb for people to download once the Island is done!

And you can see an Earlier Version of it on one of Galaxy Gaming's Minecraft Servers! (I worked with them a few years ago but then life got in the way and I havnt been able to work on anything til recently)

and if you want to see my most up to date video's go to my youtube Channel!


Though Soon I'll moving everything to the new group channel: Geeks of Chaos


Most of our gameplays have been moved or will be moved to Geeks of Chaos Channel on youtube, check it out! we tend to put up alot of glitchy things.


Pictures and Videos

Sorry but you will have to wait... I'm fiddling with new recording software but I will be uploading some new ones soon so hang on tight!

Also will eventually get a custom resource pack for this!!!

Anyways Im ganna go back to work on Balamb Garden Now, I have a casing to swap blocks on....

And dont ask me why the beacons arent shining...they should be....I dont know! (still trying to figure it out ><)
Progress15% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 01/16/2016 6:28:40 amJan 16th, 2016

Updated Half the Pictures with Shader Versions

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07/03/2019 6:29 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Blacksmith
saintdevin avatar
Just found this and as someone who loves FFVIII I have to say this is amazing
02/17/2016 2:11 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
TheRemnant avatar
Youre the first Ive seen to get the dorms right, Ive seen many renditions of Balamb Garden and youre getting it right, btw Im sure I watched your video upload on your progress recently.
01/20/2016 7:39 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant avatar
Looks excellent so far!  Keep it up!
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