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Five Nights at Freddy's 1 in Minecraft

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Level 21 : Expert Miner
If you are not familiar to the original game Five Nights at Freddy's, the Night Guard gets assigned to work the night shift at a haunted pizzeria. He has to maintain his power supply and watch the animatronic robots to get past trough the nights.

The Night guard has at his disposal 2 doors whit which to fend himself with, and the "Security Cameras" with which he can spy on his enemies. However, he must use them sparingly. When he uses them, he drains his power, and if it runs out, he will be completely exposed to all the dangers that lurk in the shadows. The power meter is the experience bar.

Team Animatronics have a wide range of abilities. Bonnie can temporarily blind the night guard. Chica can saturate all her team mates, allowing them to move better, Freddy can instantly teleport to the right corridor and Foxy has his mobility. Once he's out of the cove, Foxy's power will go down. The only way to replenish it is to go back, for if it runs out, he will no longer be able to sprint. His power is also displayed as the experience bar.

(Bare in mind the items allowing for each character to function aren't meant to be used conventionally. For instance ,Freddy's teleport ability is his ender pearls. When you right click on them, they won't go anywhere and you will be teleported at the same location in the right corridor regardless)

The gameplay components boil down to fast reflexes: The night guard must keep the doors shut to keep his enemies out, however, they can't just camp outside his door, or else they give the guard additional power. The same penalty goes for Foxy if he doesn't return to his cove before his power runs out. Ideally the animatronic robots have to try to sneak their way in and try to starve him.The name plates of the baddies are hidden, so they can sneak wherever they want, but The Night guard can also at will see the animatronic outlines trough the walls. But it too drains power just like the doors. This is meant to be the camera, but trying to code it in would be too difficult and it's usage infuriating.

Server setup:

Enable command blocks

Disable mob spawning

Set to easy difficulty

Gamemode: Adventure
Progress100% complete

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