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Flight to the citadel - New Paradise Found

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billoxiiboy's Avatar billoxiiboy
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
Flight to the Citadel

Welcome to the Third and Final installment in a three part build; titled
The Paradise Series”

They include...

“Island Beneath the Mist”
& “Exodus from Paradise”

Flight to the citadel - New Paradise Found Minecraft Map

In the previous installment - Exodus from Paradise....
we left our citizens of Paradise fleeing from an invading Conqueror.
A flotilla of hot air balloons and airships crept into the dark; on a
journey to the citadel of their forefathers. A place they had never
seen. A place they hoped will provide them safety.

Flight to the citadel - New Paradise Found Minecraft Map

Flight to the Citadel
...opens with the arrival of the refugees from Paradise.

Over roughs seas and terrible storms, the remaining travelers limp salt
encrusted over the Citadel’s great sea walls. Once again to feel the
security of being over solid dry ground. Greeting them is the
Gatekeeper, with his twin dragons and four giant griffins. They are as
ancient as the Citadel itself, guarding the Citadel’s shores from
unwanted incursions. They are a terrifying sight for the new arrivals.
But the Gatekeeper is not interested in these people.
He will let them pass.

Flight to the citadel - New Paradise Found Minecraft Map

After the weary travelers rest and regroup, they will
discover the inner lands of the Citadel. Misty Redwood and Conifer forests and Giant
Mountain Oak Groves. Endless orchards of all the fruits and vegetables
of the world.

They will discover the Exotic Valley of the Giant Mushroom
and Fungus. Protected from the elements, this hidden valley has grown
dense with the most amazing Giant Mushrooms, Fungus, toadstools and Lily
pads. These narcotic creations are full of colour and delight. A true
kaleidoscope of illusions. Nightclubs and Botanic Gardens, Berger Joints
and Bars all inhabit these Magical Cordyceps.
A Massive Shout Out to Aspirin60 for the use of her private collection!

The travellers will discover a marvellous Balloon Port, perched on the edge of a body of

water, held back by seemingly invisible Citadel Engineering. You can
fly right through the front of the Weir itself. Feel a buzz from the
suspended docks; as they process the cargo from around the world.
A very colourful place.

The new arrivals will marvel at the amazing
Airships that traverse the skies, in long lumbering convoys of colour
and shape. Their enormous bulk elegantly floating, so effortlessly
through the sky.

The Citadel in the Orchards is a magical place.

Surrounded by fields of wheat and endless rows of fruit trees, the
Citadel sits in a perfect vista of abundance and flourishing prosperity.
These orchards feed the entire Citadel. There is plenty for all.
However, not all will see the plenty. Walk through ancient orchards of
coppiced cherry, pears and plumb trees. Sit by one of the many Wells or
take a trip down to the Orchard Boat House.

The final Citadel is
the Citadel on the water. It is a wedding cake layering of ornately
sculptured Weirs; that create two terraced lakes. Upon the lakes float
beautifully domed apartment terraces. Grand and etherial, The Citadel on
the Water is picturesque and serene. It epitomes the history and
culture of the Citadel. The advancements in architecture and engineering
are represented in its classic construction.

Many delightful,

hidden little places exist all over the island. You’ll find Cubby-house
trees, some even with Cubby-houses in them. You’ll find little areas
that are hard to find and have special little spaces. Enjoy the hunt.

who enjoy the Pod-Racing Snails can follow them on the Eastern Coast,
as they pass under the Hanging Villages. The Hanging Villages are Avian
Like Houses that hang from the bows of giant Marshmallow Oak Trees; like
bejewelled ornaments in a colourful bird cage.

High above on

Mountain Lake, floats a mysterious 3D Astrological Chart of the
Citadel’s Universe. A Map charting their journey to the place that would
become the citadel. The Children of the ancients did not care for the
importance of their parents memories. The generations have forgotten the
origins of the map, and now endlessly search for answers to its
pondering Questions. Now, as the Citadel slips ever further beneath the
surrounding waves. They Search desperately for a new home.
Understanding these charts will be their salvation. Will one of the
Paradise refugees have the answers they seek?



The Amazing Music that accompanies the trailer was composed by
The piece is called - Glockenspiel Klassik

SoundCloud Link to Soundtrack


Flight to the Citadel
has been a collaborative project by Cut&Paste Builds - using
publicly published Custom Items from the Planet Minecraft Community.
Some of the items have been tweaked or modified from their original form
or colour to suit the overall theme of the map. All rights and credit
of the original Artist has been provided. These Custom Items remain the
intellectual property of the Artists involved and all Credit must be
clearly published and linked to their PMC profile page. The purpose of
these Projects is to promote and further develop the Planet Minecraft
Community of Artists.
This is a not for profit project.
Support our Artists by doing the right thing :)

Teleport Coordinates

Teleport Coordinates

Citadel on the Water
tp -116.887 102.82899 -170.601

3D Astrological Observatory
tp 468.032 155.80682 -210.689

Lily Ponds & Balloon Arrival
tp 1230.601 44.52693 441.071

North/West Corner
tp -1278.336 67.07077 -1279.490

North/East Corner
tp 1282.058 66.84646 -1278.329

South/East Corner
tp 1281.047 67.63239 1280.982

South/West Corner
tp -1277.670 66.51479 1281.714

Citadel in the Orchard
tp 181.963 113.12530 -766.625

Orchard Boat House
tp 181.963 113.12530 -766.625

Valley of Giant Mushrooms and Butterflies
tp -675.225 122.20756 -432.492

Citadel Balloon Port
tp -115.578 101.55913 -131.532

Giant Snail, Red Robins on wall, Cubby House Central, The Hanging Village
tp 1225.838 64.26873 219.184

Texture Packs and Shaders

CreditCOLFETTERS - for his words of Wisdom
Progress95% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by billoxiiboy 12/12/2018 4:59:23 amDec 12th, 2018

SoundCloud Link to Musical Score added. Muscical score by Aspirin60. Link provided in description :D

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12/22/2020 9:03 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Sunny1001's Avatar
hi this map is so creative i love it im just wondering how to dowload it as when i click download the file isnt a zip its like a page instead and when i put the file in the saves folder it doesnt read it as there isnt any levels or anything like that in the folder its just the map. Great build though!
12/22/2020 12:35 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
billoxiiboy's Avatar
Hi Sunny1001, I'm sorry to hear you are having troubles.... the file is a .Rar file - it is like a .Zip file, only with better compression for larger maps. You will need a .Rar file unpacker. They are free to download and use. What OS are you using... Mac or Windows? After using the .Rar file unpacker...you will find the Map Folder - which you just place in your saves folder. Hope to hear back from you soon - billoxiiboy
01/16/2021 5:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Sunny1001's Avatar
hi, ty for the help I'm on the map now it's amazing great build!! keep up the good work :)
03/11/2020 3:29 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
xTacitus's Avatar
Actually a paradise !
03/12/2020 1:24 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
billoxiiboy's Avatar
Thank You xTacitus :D
You know....I haven't been back to the Citadel Build for a while. It's about time I revisited for some imaginative inspiration. Thanks Again :)
01/30/2020 3:41 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Architect
SuperMinecrafz's Avatar
i swear, every time i find an artist that creates masterpieces like this i just think
"Y'all are bloody crazy... I love it!"

These really are beautiful holy crap
01/30/2020 5:49 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
billoxiiboy's Avatar
Hey my friend :D
Funny, coz every time I finished one of these builds ....I also thought I must be Bloody Crazy. I'm so glad they still bring joy to people. You've made me revisit some beautiful old memories :)
Thank You
10/22/2018 7:39 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Architect
Simply stunning. This is truly a work of art by a master of their craft.
10/22/2018 2:25 pm
Level 84 : Elite Jarl
Aspirin60's Avatar
Insane great work my friend; you deserve a lot of support!!!
10/21/2018 8:22 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
RottenCase's Avatar
that's a hella work bro,keep it up