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Floating Islands (Updated to 1.14)

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avatar Silverfish003
Level 12 : Journeyman Cake
Want some kind of retro-style map?
This map by me, was posted back in 1.12.2, and people responded and reacted in THOURSANDS!
This map was also played in more than 200 YouTube videos and it became quite popular one.

I was reading all the comments, and people requested many, many many good additions to this map, I did not even think about when making, and because this map is in so old version, I decided, to make this great skyblock map playable in 1.14.2

- Special Quest number 23 (Trade 10 XP Levels)
- Changed goals of some quests
- Replaced all signs with birch ones
- Changed the sign at the grave
- Almost completed nether portal on Nether Island
- Placed spawners to prevent mobs from despawning which was making many tasks impossible
- Placed bamboo and Panda spawners
- Ocelot, Panda, Parrot and Wolf spawner

- Players get in Hub gamemode adventure to prevent them from destroying mechanisms and taking torches from the hub now. When returning to islands players get survival again.
- Rules are wrote simpler

Thanks to anyone downloading this map!
Progress100% complete
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