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Flyboys Unoffical Modpack - mc 1.7.10 - Army Base Buildings [great for MC-Heli]

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[Published Beta: v0.2]

ey Guys,

Just started a new project for the "Flyboys" modpack for mc 1.7.10

Mods you need for sure: (i advice you to use a modpack from a launcher)
-Artifice http://goo.gl/zBp6Xp
-Schematica http://goo.gl/QSqjSu

Mods who are very nice to use with this project: (i really suggest downloading any modpack with the flyboys mods in them instead of doing it yourself.)
-MC Heli (this project is build around the entities in this modpack, it makes little sence to not use this mod with it) http://goo.gl/G1mhor
-Flans (for cars and tanks) : http://flansmod.com/
          with these content pack i think:
          Akaku Vehicle Pack
          SMP Parts
          Modern Warfare Content Pack
          Simple Parts Content Pack
          Zombie Content Pack

Version Data:
-minecraft 1.7.10 (and it will stay this version for a while because of the mods)
-published Beta is here! (i will share the files when it's out of the Beta)

Goal & Perspective:
I really liked the concept of scematica when i first saw it in ep. 1 of bdubs flyboys series. A few days later i found a modpack on the technic pack launcher, which gave me the inspiration to build some buildings for this modpack. So i did and on this page you can see my progress so far!

My goal of this series is to build some nice looking, but simple and cheap (on materials) desings, which can be used in a survival world (SMP or just on your own). I really like the sceme and colours i got going so far and will keep building and uploading pictures of them soon.

Buildings and Content made/in the works for this project:
Legend: [00] = building tag (also the tag in the Schematica folder and on the signs)
                (S)/(M)/(L) = Small (only for small vehicles), Medium (suitable for almost every vehicle), Large for the big Planes and                       Helicopters (like the B-27 and the chnuke helicopter)
[01/s]] 8P barracks + Helipad (S)[02] Plane Hangar (M)[03] Outdoor Dual-
Helipad (M) + AA gun mount
[04] Runway (M)[05] Runway Lights
and tools (univesal)
[06] Runway (L)[07] Helipad (L)[08] Ore processing plant[09] Garage
(car) + workshop
[10] Garage
(Tank) +workshop
[11] Building blocks
Depot + Helipad (L)
[12] (Anti-Air) Turret tower[13] Missile factory[14] Missile/Rocket  tower[15] 2P Bunker
[16] 4P bunker[17] Communication 
[18] Spy/Comms HQ[19] Gunrange[20] Mob-
spawner + Grinder
[21] Cow farm[22] Sheep farm[23] Greenhouses[24] Cactus farm[25] Outpost:
Helipad (M)+ 
AA-gun mount +
Comms tower
+ Bunker (4P)
[26] Team Flag[27] Sniper tower[28] Mining facility[29] Vault/Saferoom [30] Tent (6p)
[31] suggestion?[32]  suggestion?[33]  suggestion?[34]  suggestion?[35]  suggestion?

My main guidlines and priorities are to make:
-Buildings which are easy to customize to different team, for instance you can change the colour of the lights and stained clay if you for instance aren't on team RED but on team GREEN or BLUE, without ruïning the design/looks of the building.
-Keeping cost low but have nice blocks and have a nice Interior and Exterior
-Make a lot of different types of buildings which have a purpose instead of being just for the looks.
-Have a high blast resistance at their ceilings and support beams to make sure  they are quite "bomb" proof.
-Make sure to fit every building (exept the runway) fits in a 50x50 square (most of them are not that big by far)

How to use the buildings in combination with Schematica
-I will update/add this information when the download link will show up.

Help & Your input!
-Please feel free to: 
       - ask for help
       - give suggestions
       - positive feedback (just be nice, if you like this stuff or not, and write your comment the way you would like to be spoken to in real life yourself. please dont be rude to others, whatever their point of view is)
       - help me making sure everyone who deserves credit for this stuff gets credit for it!

Big thanks to the guys on the youtube flyboys server, please view and subscribe to them!

-Bdubs: http://www.youtube.com/bdoubleo100
-Cube: http://www.youtube.com/cubelives
-Pungence: http://www.youtube.com/assyrianassass1n
Jay: http://www.youtube.com/thewolvesatmydoor
-Skyzm: http://www.youtube.com/skyzmplays
-Ty: http://www.youtube.com/tydeesigns

Also big credits to the Technic Laucher crew

Here i got the modpack from, I thank the creators a lot, but do notice that  the creators are not the creators of the OFFICIAL Flyboys modpack, because that one isn't public (yet).

Terms and Conditions:
By downloading or commenting to this project/post you agree to the terms below:
-You do not reüpload this content as yours
-You can/may edit this content in the game  Minecraft, but do not upload it as yours if you have made minor changes.
-I you have made minor changes of you own, feel free to say so in this comment section, however make sure people know it came from this page/project/me.
-If you made major changes of you own, you can upload this at PMC, however let me know, i would love to see your changes to this project! and make sure everyone who is using your upload know for sure that it isn't 100% yours and you credit me and put my link in the subscription/Project Details.
-Want to show this on YouTube, feel free to do so, however put a link in the description to this page and mention it in the video, via audio (or else via text  apperaring in the video).
-The same counts for Twitch or any other multimedia interface on the internet.
-Feel free to tell others the good and the bad/less pretty aspects of this project , however do not insult or attack me personally, this is a learning process for me to, keep that in mind.
-are aware of the fact that these term and conditions can be updated, so read them carefully please. I will make sure a notification on this page will tell any updates on the Terms and Conditions.
-Regular terms and conditions of PMC are also active on this page.

More info will follow soon!

PS: I am not responsible for any fails or issues etc. please note that i made this for myself and wanted to let you guys enjoy my work. I do not own any mod or the game minecraft.
Progress15% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by NBK_Fleeva 11/15/2014 3:55:06 pmNov 15th, 2014

Beta 0.2 Added 3 new buildings with the tags: [03] [05] [07]. Only [07] Is viewable for now.

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12/10/2014 8:59 am
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i want u to put the modpack together and put it on some site so i can download it easier!
too much hassle mate! :(
11/25/2014 5:29 am
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11/15/2014 3:52 pm
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added the [07] Helipad (L)
11/15/2014 2:33 pm
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