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FNWS 4 Redux Remake

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avatar ItzYaBoySiebbePlayz
Level 30 : Artisan Pokemon
I Had Problems With The Other FNWS 4 So Theres New Charaters And Old And Some Deleted And New Rooms

New Macanics

FNWS 4 Redux Remake Macanics

New Charaters:

AllisonFox: Will Come And Help You Shes A Nice Guy She Does Not Like Kill People She Wont Help You Good She Only Gives You 1% Power A Hour

And When You Miss A Door Shut She Shuts It 3 Times After She Closed 3 Times A Door She wont Help And She Will Be Deactivated

Funtime BB: Hi HELLO HAHAHHAHAAH Is Back Balloon Boy Aka BB Will Try And Enter Your Office From The Right Side Plz Do Not Let Him Do That Or You Die And He Takes All Your Power Away Scare Him With A Flashlight Will Ya?

Freddy: He Will Help You Since Seppe's fun Pizzeria Stole Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's Idea He Only Wants Seppe Once A Hour You Can Make Freddy Choose A Target Seppe,FuntimeBB,MasterUniverse Siebbe

Chica: She Does Nothing But Makes Pizza Thats Why Shes In Here :D

Mario: ITSA ME MARIO He Will Just Act Like Chica XD

Old Charaters:

Siebbe: Hes Mad A Seppe Because Seppe Stole His Spotlight On The Stage

So Hes Your Buddy Now :D And Gives you 5% Power Every time Seppe Shows Up

Seppe: He Will Come Through The Right Side Flash Your Light And He Be Gone

Redbull: RED BULL CMON DRINK GUYS He Will Be Mad And Turn Red And Run At You Like Foxy in FNaF 1

Foxy: He Will Act Just Like Redbull... But No Cove


MASTER UNIVERSE SIEBBE: He Has 5 Attempts Of Attacking Hes In The Purple Alien Cove Looking Thing In Your Office!

He Will Come Every Hour But Has 5 Attempts Of Attacking 1. Flip Your Monitor 2. Flash Your Light 3. Mask 4. Boop Him On The Nose 5. SMACK HIM

Golden Freddy: He Will Appear In Your Office At Random Flip Your Monitor If You See Him

Have Fun Roleplaying





Deleted Charaters:

Sadness Puppet


Nightmare Siebbe & Nightmare Seppe


Funtime Siebbe

Funtime Seppe

Make Sure To Follow Me On Steam

Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : 05/26/2018 9:20:22 amMay 26th, 2018

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