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FNWS 7 - Story Ends Well ;(

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avatar ItzYaBoySiebbePlayz
Level 29 : Expert Pokemon
Welcome To The Final FNWS Map !!!! Where Everything Puts Down! ;T

Well 1 Year Of FNWS Is Great

You: 1 YEAR!!! ??? Uh Its Been For A Few Months

Me: Nope FNWS UCN And FNWS UC/Ultimate Crossover Are Comming Out 2019!! With More

You: Ohhhhh Nevermind :D


NightmareSadnessPuppet: He Will Appear In Your Right Door However doors Aint Doing Nuthing On Him Soo Use Your Taser To Keep Him Away!

FuntimeSiebbe: He Will Be Making Music However If The Music Stops he Will Come For You Quickly Put On Your Mask!!

PhantomSeppe: He Will Appear At Random And Jumpscaring You However You Wont Die Since He Is Just A ghost You just Have A Blackout Of 5 Seconds! Theres No Way To Avoid Him!

Nightmare Snakey: He will Climb In The Vents When You See His Head Peek Out Close The Door

HatredSiebbe: he Will be In His Cove Keep Checking The Cam on Him To Slow His Progress And if You Dont Close The Right Door!

Vortex: He Will Appear At Random In Your Office Put On Your Animotronic Mask to Fool Him!

100% Complete

6 Animotronics In Total

Map By Siebbe

Helper: Jack

GamerDOTexe,Mrfazbear,And MrWeegirl are On Vacation

Thanks For The Support :D
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Little Update On name : 07/11/2018 4:24:05 pmJul 11th


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3 months.. of map posting and then 1 more next year..? i could make a huge fnaf map in those 3 months .. . sorreh. congrats..?
Well here Is The Final FNWS Map!! :D

Well There Still is A FNWS UCN
FNWS UC/Ultimate Crossover! :T

Well If Thats Over :T R.I.P FNWS

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