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Foight! - Badlands

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avatar redxlaser15
Level 1 : New Miner
Foight! - Badlands is an fighting/adventure/exploration map with custom trades, insane amounts of secrets, lots of awesome weapons and armor, and more! As you explore the world, you'll find powerful loot, dangerous mobs, and bits and pieces of ever developing lore. There is optional parkour and fights in small side-dungeons for extra benefits! Explore more islands of increasing difficulty, but with better gains! If you seek shelter from an onslaught of hostiles, towns, such as Stonedge, provide safety, storage, and special trades with custom currency!

-Remember to install the texture pack! Not doing so is cheating.
-I'm still new to 1.13 commands, and as such, it will still probably take some time before I can upload a properly functional map. If people really want to go into the map before Alpha 1 I guess I'll upload an unfinished version.
-Currently, there is only one island to visit. More will be added in future versions.
-Lore/story will take time to upload separate from working on islands themselves; just because an island is done doesn't mean lore is.
-It is highly possible that new locations will be added or overhauled in familiar places.
-Should be compatible with multiplayer, but I was unable to test it as I have no friends to help with that :(

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for new things to add or ideas for balancing the map, please tell me!
Creditredxlaser15, Markus Alexej Persson, and God
Progress0% complete

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