Football Arena

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Despite playing football outdoor would be tiring and need people to play with, Minecraft can help you to play football with your friends!

Map name: Football Arena

Players: 2 and above (Multiplayer)

Version: 1.8

Question And Answer

Q: Why Football Arena?

A: We got amazingly features that could amuse you & your friends, its not even laggish!

Q: How do I play?

A: Don't get too confused, just kick the ball with the items given to increase kick distance!

Q: How many types of items and what are the details?

A: 4 types. First one is the short kick, it will kick ball shortly. Normal Kick, it will kick ball quiet long. Long Kick, it will kick ball at long distance. Sharp kick, it will kick ball at VERY LONG distance.

Q: Can I play with my friends?

A: Of course. This map is supposed to be played for multiplayer or singleplayer for practice!

Server Settings: Remember to have Commandblocks enabled or else anything won't work in this map!

Credits to crawler77, rendratriyanto, Its_Dex, and the football shows in the tv.
Creditcrawler77, rendratriyanto, its_dex, Blankname(me).
Progress100% complete
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