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Forum Novum Leptis Magna 16.5

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This is my speculative reconstruction of the Forum Novum in Leptis Magna. This build has been on my list for literally years and has been one of the more difficult with the lack of straight walls.This forum was commissioned by emperor septimius severus around 200ad to embelish his home town of leptis magna and to give his own answer to the forum of trajan which this one is inspired by . The forum is notable for being the very first imperial monument to feature arched arcades and for its innovative use of perspective. That was necessary due to how the building had to be adapted around the pre existing roads and buildings already in the city and the project running low on funds partially through construction.however while it may have put an end to plans of another opens space connecting to the citys new baths it didnt stop a temple dedicated to the gens septimia from being added to the forum with its unique cascading staircase. Along with the rest of the city alot of the ruins are still preserved today due to the citys abandonment.

Please enjoy it and hope it inspires some more roman builds, you can use
it for anything you want just give me credit for building it
Creditypothetical Reconstruction of the Forum Novum of Leptis Magna. Design Rules and Cultural Influences, Materials and Construction Techniques.BETWEEN HISTORY AND MYTH: SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS AND LEPTIS MAGNA,roman architecture and urbanism,archeoligy illistrated
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