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Frozen Crag | 1.19.x Multiplayer Freeze Tag

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Strongis13 avatar Strongis13
Level 4 : Apprentice Engineer
Welcome to Frozen Crag!
Two teams play against each other in a modified Freeze Tag gamemode where both teams fight over the control sites in the center of the map. Punch enemy players to freeze them in place, punch your teammates to unfreeze them, stand on the site to slowly raise your team's score. Supports any number of players, but 5v5 is the recommended minimum.

Multiple game settings can be configured from the lobby!
-Time to freeze
-Number of points to win

-Individual items (enable/disable)
-Spawn invincibility, aka Heat

Map Info
-Versions: 1.19+ Map is saved in 1.19.2 but will work in other 1.19.x versions. Map should work in 1.18.2 but is untested!
-Servers: Vanilla, Bukkit, and Spigot are tested and working. Paper and its forks have a bug with snowballs, I have an open issue here #8118 which will hopefully be resolved soon. Until then, the "Whoaball" item does not work correctly (can be manually disabled in game).
-Resource pack: Included in map file. RP is required for all players. A separate download link for just the pack can be found here.
-Github: Here you can find github links for the Datapack and Resource pack.

Message me on discord @Strongis13#6811 or join our server discord.gg/pong and go to #minecraft
CreditStrongis13, Jarmzie, Dragonking1355, ChiefCo1, Soccby, Techno_Guy_KWP, Flare199, VeryLyfeless
Progress100% complete

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08/22/2022 11:01 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Darkbrine_ avatar
Hey I had an issue with trying to start the game using this download, but the Reddit Download seemed to be perfectly fine.
08/22/2022 5:40 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Engineer
Strongis13 avatar
Hmm thats strange, I just tested it myself again on a fresh server and in singleplayer and both times it loaded correctly. What type of server are you running and what game version are you playing on?
08/23/2022 9:57 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Darkbrine_ avatar
The server is a 1.19.2 server on a 3 GB server. Tested it on a personal private server with the same specs, came up perfectly fine on the same MC version. Think something in the datapack got blocked from uploading as functions aren't properly registering. Will be trying to re-look at everything to make sure everything is uploading properly 'cause that could be the main issue.
08/11/2022 9:46 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Architect
ChiefCo1 avatar
Wow! So cool!
08/11/2022 4:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4276209G avatar
08/11/2022 4:45 pm
Level 20 : Expert Pirate
Pirate Cody
Pirate Cody avatar
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