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FULGOR-class Pursuit Frigate - Star Wars - Imperial Navy Ship


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Level 29 : Expert Engineer
This is the Fulgor-class Pursuit Frigate, an Imperial frigate designed with the capacity to outrun and disable almost any ship in the Galaxy. It is 620m long, with a crew of around 4,000 and a reactor output on the order of 9e23 Watts, equivalent to 10% of that of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Its role as a designated Pursuit Frigate requires that much of its reactor output is channelled into its propulsion systems, which are large and powerful for its size, giving it an impressive acceleration of 4800G compared to the ISD’s 3600G. The class also boasts powerful and capable scanning and communications equipment, which allows its crew to maintain contact with other Imperial vessels and work in unison with other forces to capture, detain, and - if necessary - destroy their quarry.

The Fulgor, or Imperial Pursuit Frigate (IPF) can outrun all manner of privateers, pirates, and rebel ships owing to its powerful engine units and capable hyperdrive. Its weapons systems include 4 x 4-barrelled medium turbolasers, 10 x twin-barrelled light turbolaser turrets, and 2 frigate-scale missile batteries. The armament is intended not necessarily to destroy, but disable targets in order for larger ships to then swoop in and apprehend the transgressors. The Fulgor does boast the ability to board enemy ships without support, however, a role which can be seen to by its fighter and shuttle complement. The Fulgor can carry 2 light starfighter squadrons, as well as several shuttles or assault craft. Typically, TIE Landers will be carried aboard - and in some cases, DX-9 Assault craft and Sentinel-class Shuttles are used for boarding operations. The Fulgor typically hosts a garrison of several hundred navy troopers.

The Fulgor's capabilities also lend it well to the role of fleet scout - as a part of larger battlegroups. Though these ships can operate autonomously as customs and enforcement vessels, they also provide greater mission flexibility as components of a fleet. Fighter screening is not beyond their capabilities, given their point-defence turrets, medium missile batteries, and ample scanning equipment.

I'll name this particular vessel later, and maybe give it a bit of a back story.

The design
This frigate was designed not by me, but by Fractal Sponge, who models very impressive Star Wars ships, usually belonging to the Galactic Empire. He has a blog, where he posts his creations. Many of them are also discussed in this thread. Credit for the design itself goes exclusively to him! I have used his designs in other creations; namely the two turrets which I posted. Note to the admins: I have permission from Fractal Sponge to post this recreation of his work.

My role in this creation is its recreation in Minecraft, as well as a full design of the interior. So basically everything you see on the outside is his design, and on this creation it will remain mostly unchanged. I'm designing the interior from scratch, though. It is still in an early stage and is subject to change. I may add tractor beam projectors in the future.
Planned facilities (click to reveal):
- Main reactor
- Tertiary reactors
- Power cells and capacitors
- Power converters
- Shield generators and distribution equipment
- Primary and secondary propulsion
- Repulsorlifts (and aetheric rudders/anchors)
- Hyperdrive
- Tensor field generators and conduits
- Inertial compensators
- Hangar bay
- Fighter and shuttle craft storage and maintenance facilities
- Command Sector (Bridge, Ops room, Senior Staff's Quarters, etc.)
- Engineering Sector (Reactor room, Engine room, all kinds of components - lots of cooling and propulsion gubbins)
- Crewed areas (this encompasses a lot of corridors, as well as a load of rooms from where the crew can control and monitor the ship's systems.)
- Crew's living areas, with mess halls, barracks, etc.
- Bulkheads, framework, and power/air/water/coolant conduits
- Water and air refreshing plants
- Pilot reactors (smaller reactors for starting the main one.)

620 long
330 wide
198 high

Total block counts:
16.03.2017: 1,154,000
30.03.2017: 1,421,675
03.04.2017: 1,543,934

An average of 10-30,000 blocks are added every day. Thank god for MCEdit!

The ship will use my Imperial Resource Pack (IRP), which is a WIP.
The ship is built mostly using MCEdit, although I create smaller details using Minecraft itself.
I've used a few filters, the creators of whom I will credit in full later: although Adrian Brightmoore's "DrawLineBetweenPoints" filter helped a great deal with the more complex structural bracing.
I'll release both the IRP and Fulgor downloads at a later date, when they're a little more polished. For now, enjoy the pictures!
And please feel free to leave a comment or diamond, and subscribe if you'd like to get updates and see my future projects.
Credit:Fractal Sponge (Ansel Hsiao), MCEdit, Adrian Brightmoore (for filters).
Progress: 30% Complete

Update #3 - Phase 3 Complete : 04/03/2017 8:26:36 am4/03/17

The framework is all done. There will be a few more struts added in the future, but those will be worked around systems yet to be incorporated or made (e.g. shield generators, engines, etc.)
The next phase will be the engines. Expect updates in a few weeks (busy for now.)
- Added 113,259 blocks.
- The whole thing now has 293,012 blocks of iron (framework, mostly.)
- Added forward power converter.
- Added some new big capacitors.
- Added atmosphere containers.
- Updated renders and description.

Update #2 - Phase 3 almost complete : 03/30/2017 10:07:40 am3/30/17

Thought I would submit this update because it represents a significant step forward; the internal framework is now almost complete, except for the upper section. Fyi "Phase 3" refers to the completion of all major framework inside the ship. As you can see from the renders, it is quite extensive.
- Added another 267,675 blocks since last update.
- Added roughly 200,000 blocks of iron to form an extensive internal grid of frames.
- Continued work on hangar: fighter, shuttle and gunship facilities are now drafted up. I am planning to make the hangar able to accommodate a YE-4 gunship, Gozanti-class freighter, the Imperial Armoured Transport (which you can find on my PMC) and other classes of sub-corvette scale starships.
- Added draft engines. These are placeholders for the real things, which will be larger and more complex.
- Added some new renders.
- Altered description.

Update #1 - Reactor overhaul : 03/15/2017 7:41:41 pm3/15/17

This is a major update, which changes the layout of the reactor and the hangar bay.
- Halved size of reactor and added a base ring
- Reconfigured hangar, added detail
- Added all Point Defence cannon's base mounts
- Added the ventral MTL ball turret
- Detailed dorsal ridge and added comms. dish's base
- Added floors above the reactor
- Added some new renders and removed redundant ones
- Altered description

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  • slamslasch
  • Level 45
  • Master Engineer
  • April 4, 2017, 6:39 am
Amazing build!
  • FirmusPiett
  • Level 29
  • Expert Engineer
  • April 4, 2017, 9:49 am
Coming from you that is a great compliment :D thanks
  • Doboi114
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Engineer
  • March 30, 2017, 3:46 pm
Love it! I especially love how you put in the framework. Something I always forget to do on my builds.
  • FirmusPiett
  • Level 29
  • Expert Engineer
  • March 31, 2017, 7:31 am
Thanks a lot, it's an often overlooked aspect which is one reason I thought I'd implement it... Makes for a more interesting and realistic creation, I think. It's quite easy to add as well, if you have the time and will.
  • Myyoyo
  • Level 51
  • Grandmaster Terraformer
  • March 27, 2017, 8:20 pm
Well made.
  • FirmusPiett
  • Level 29
  • Expert Engineer
  • March 29, 2017, 5:56 pm
Thanks Mr Fisto :)
  • Myyoyo
  • Level 51
  • Grandmaster Terraformer
  • March 29, 2017, 8:31 pm
No problem.
I'd love to help finish it, just can't figure out how... reply, and help me, and I'll help you
  • FirmusPiett
  • Level 29
  • Expert Engineer
  • March 16, 2017, 11:33 am
Thank you for the offer, atm it's a solo project but if I can think of anything I'd like help with in the future I will let you know :)
  • Wrangler
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • March 14, 2017, 2:26 pm
Is thing using movecraft or is it just a display?
  • FirmusPiett
  • Level 29
  • Expert Engineer
  • March 14, 2017, 3:18 pm
Just a display. Idk how movecraft works, but presumably you could just rig it up to move if you wanted?
80th subscriber, congrats
  • Lesis20
  • Level 10
  • Journeyman Engineer
  • March 11, 2017, 2:08 pm
  • TotallyNotMe
  • Level 39
  • Artisan Architect
  • March 11, 2017, 10:12 am

Could you possibly make a blockade runner?
  • FirmusPiett
  • Level 29
  • Expert Engineer
  • March 14, 2017, 3:20 pm
I might possibly consider it... I am always more interested in more obscure designs though; and ones that others haven't done before... That said, an assassin corvette or some other corellian line corvette could be on the cards in the future... I'll certainly take your request into consideration.

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