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Gainsville Sawmill | TRS

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The Alpine Forest Products Gainsville Operation sits in the small town of Gainsville located a short ways from the city of Huntington. The mill is the main source of employment for those living in the town. The ENR serves the mill with a small yard allowing the use of locomotives to deliver vast quantities of logs into and lumber out of the mill. Transports are also used to maintain the mills demand for log imports. The mill itself is divided across four separate buildings:
Main Office
Oversees the mills production and manages the incoming raw material and outgoing products.
Logs are stored in huge piles under the mills overhead crane. The crane feeds the mill through its processing system, known as a log deck, that sorts by size before entering the mill proper. Once inside logs are debarked, cut to rough sizes and sorted into piles to be moved to the kilns. The bark and sawdust are stored and sold off.
The kiln dries and treats the lumber after it has passed through the mill and before it goes to the planer building. The kiln is the slowest process in the creation of lumber and a large amount of lumber can always be found surrounding the kiln. A secondary, but much smaller, overhead crane serves the kiln helping to maintain a steady flow of lumber into the kiln at all times.
Once the lumber is cured it's sent to the planer where it is trimmed down trims to its final size. Once finished with the planer the lumber is packaged and sorted. Some of the lumber is sent out by transports and some by train.

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12/21/2017 10:29 pm
Level 81 : Elite Fox
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<3 Looks good
12/21/2017 3:51 pm
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Great, love to see that attention to detai ^^
12/20/2017 8:38 pm
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Wow, this is looking great.

Love seeing massive builds like this!
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