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Gaoling - Toph's Hometown | Rokucraft Minecraft MapGaoling

Just down the road from the estate where Toph was raised, you'll find the thriving town of Gaoling. An old and well-established location, Gaoling has a broad spectrum of citizens, ranging from the wealthy, such as the Beifong family, to the destitute. It is also the location of the Earth Rumble tournament. Gaoling lies in a valley surrounded by steep, rocky hillsides, and is located near the Foggy Swamp. In the middle of the town, you'll find a bustling marketplace full of merchants looking to sell their wares, and not too far from there you can find Master Yu's Earthbending Academy. This town also features the famed Earth Rumble Stadium, where you can witness thrilling battles between earthbenders looking to take home the prize! Team Avatar visited this town during their travels when they were searching for an earthbending master to teach Aang.

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Gaoling - Toph's Hometown | Rokucraft Minecraft Map
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