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應天門 Gate of Complying with Heavenly Mandate (Chinese architectures 07)

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*應天門/应天门, Pinyin: yingtianmen. I didn‘t find the official translation, according to the meaning of 应天yingtian which means Comply with destiny or Comply with Heavenly Mandate, I translated it into "Gate of Complying with Heavenly Mandate". Understanding the meaning helps to understand the gate, but I will use Pinyin in the text: Yingtianmen

Yingtianmen is the southern gate of Ziwei Palace of Luoyang City in Sui and Tang Dynasties, commonly known as Wufeng(Five Phoenix) building. It was founded in the first year of Sui Daye (605 A.D), and its original name was Tian(Heaven)men(Gate). In the first year of Shenlong (705 A.D), changed to Yingtianmen.

Yingtianmen is a place for the imperial court to hold the grand ceremony, such as the imperial edict of emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty, which let off the king of Baiji. And Wu Zetian became emperor. The function is similar to that of Beijing Meridian Gate. It is also the place received japanese envoys sent to the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Yingtianmen is a large "concave" shaped building group, which is composed of gate building, duolou, east-west que building and corridor and veranda. It is 137 meters long from east to west, 36.4m high on both sides. There are five bell towers, like five Phoenix, so it is called "Five Phoenix building"; There are three gateways under the city floor, the middle of which is the royal road. The front of the gate is a two-way three out quelou, which symbolizes the Royal prestige. It is the highest level of ancient China city gate system and the highest ritual system only belongs to the emperors.

Yingtianmen is the highest standard gate in ancient China. Its construction system has far-reaching influence on Xuandemen of Bianliang in Northern Song Dynasty, Chongtianmen of Beijing in Yuan Dynasty and Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its name is also used by a gate in Kyoto, Japan(The same Chinese characters, pronunciation is Otenmon). Yingtianmen occupies an important position in the architectural history of Chinese palaces.

However, in 743 A.D, a fire broke out in Yingtianmen. In the winter of 755 A.D, An Lushan and Shi Siming rebelled in Fanyang, and then conquered Luoyang, the eastern capital. The next year, An Lushan called himself Emperor of Yan. In the second year of Zhide (757 A.D), An Qingxu, the son of An Lushan, killed An Lushan in the palace, succeeding the emperor. In the same year, Guo Ziyi recovered Luoyang. In the second year of Qianyuan (759 A.D), Shi Siming killed An Qingxu, called himself Emperor of Yan, and conquered Luoyang the next year. In 761 A.D, the Tang Dynasty recovered Luoyang. During the rebellion, Luoyang suffered heavy losses due to the burning and looting of the rebels and the Huihe soldiers. In the Song Dynasty, with the decline of Luoyang City, Yingtianmen had no one to repair, which was dilapidated and eventually destroyed.

In 2016, the protection and display project of Yingtianmen site was started with an investment of about 210 million and the design was presided over by a professor of Tsinghua University. In September 2019, the Museum of Yingtianmen site was officially opened to the outside world. At the end of the same year, it was successfully declared as a national AAAA tourist attraction.

And, in 2021, I built a replica in Minecraft XD

The first version I built:

I like this magnificent Tang Dynasty style building very much. It is so elegant and beautiful...
And I visited its ruins and rebuilt gate in January 2021

Builder: VotMaf (me)

Render by 沙雕雕sdd, fankong

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add some pictures of details

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The gate itself is massive, great job!
06/18/2021 2:03 am
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06/17/2021 7:01 pm
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06/18/2021 2:03 am
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Thx~ I like your works, very excellent.
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