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General Dynamics F-16C (Block 50) Fighting Falcon (1.5:1 scale)

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The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a supersonic multi-role fighter developed by the company General Dynamics (later acquired by Lockheed Martin ), for the United States Air Force . It was originally designed as an air superiority fighter but eventually evolved into a very popular multi-role fighter. The F-16's ability to be used for all kinds of missions is what makes it very successful in the export market , and is used by 24 countries apart from the United States. [1] This aircraft is very popular in the eyes of the international community and has been used by 25 air forces around the world. The F-16 is the Western block's largest and most significant fighter project, with about 4,000 F-16s in production since 1976 . This aircraft is no longer in production for the United States Air Force , but is still being produced for export. In 1993 General Dynamics sold the aircraft manufacturing business to Lockheed Corporation , which later became a part of Lockheed Martin after merging with Martin Marietta in 1995.

The F-16 itself is known for its excellent air combat capabilities, with innovations such as a rimless cockpit cover that enhances visibility, side control handles for easy control at high speed, and cockpit seats designed to reduce g-force effects on pilots. It is also the first combat aircraft built to withstand curves at an acceleration of 9 g . The F-16 has an M61 Vulcan rifle on the interior of the fuselage as well as 11 pylon locations for carrying weapons and other mission equipment. The official name of the F-16 itself is "Fighting Falcon", but "Viper" is more commonly used by ground crews and pilots of the aircraft, because of its similarity to a snake.Viperidae and Starfighter Colonial Viper from the TV show Battlestar Galactica . [2] [3]

The F-16 is currently active in the United States Air Force, Air Force Reserves Command, and Air National Guard units. This aircraft is also used by air forces in 25 other countries. [4] Until 2015, this aircraft was the most rigid wing aircraft used by military branches in the world.

- F-16A/B
- Block 1
- Block 5
- Block 10
- Block 15
- Block 15 OCU
- Block 20
- F-16C/D
- Block 30/32
- Block 40/42
- Block 50/52
- Block 50/52 Plus
- F-16E
- Block 60

Length: 15m
Wingspan: 10m
Height: 5m
Progress100% complete

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