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Glory to the Crystal of Desolation - UPDATED download

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avatar MonocraticMantis
Level 7 : Apprentice Warrior

"Holy is the Crystal of Desolation... do not neglect it's power, for it may consume you from the inside and out. Countless lives have been lost to it's touch, so be wise when giving your devotion to it's divine aura." - A piglin

This is my entry for the Nether Build contest!

I call it, "The Crystal of Desolation". If you wish to know any lore I've made up for it, then it is a monument which hangs down from the ceiling of a basalt deltas biome that piglins consider "holy".

I decided to keep the build relatively simple and sweet due to the biome I spawned in. There was not a whole lot of available room to build a larger structure in because of the basalt spires around the area. I could have easily solved this problem with WorldEdit but I did not know if using WorldEdit was allowed for this contest, so I used the room I had available and came up with the idea you see here!

The Crystal of Desolation resembles a ziggurat style building which comes down from the ceiling of the basalt deltas biome. It has four end stone brick spikes, which I like to call bone spikes since bone blocks don't have stairs, slabs or walls, and four spine-like objects surrounding it's blackstone brick exterior. At the bottom of the building there is a magma block core, red stained glass crystal that extends out from the blackstone.

There is virtually nothing interesting in the interior of the build, unless you like being inside of a medium sized, empty room.

The build took me nearly two and a half days to fully complete. I spent a good chunk of that time just trying to devise a plan for how I was going to build this given the difficult-to-build on terrain I spawned in.

I hope you enjoy my build! :)

The shader pack I used is the KUDA v6.1 shader. I was unclear on if the use of shaders was against the rules but for the sake of a better looking set of images I decided it would not hurt to try using it for this contest. No texture packs were used both during building nor during screenshot gathering.

Progress100% complete

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Update #1 Request to download error : 07/12/2020 9:43:45 pmJul 12th

Oh crap! I apparently didn't set the download link up properly. I'm so sorry for this. It should be fixed, and if it is not fixed, please scream at me.

07/12/2020 10:03 pm
Level 28 : Expert Unicorn
Awesome build, and I love the lore!
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