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Gnevnyy-Class Destroyer

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Hello everyone,

This is the first warship I designed and built entirely myself, back in 2018. This isn't the first warship I built the superstructure for or other details, but it is the first time I combined everything I'd learned about how to build warships into one big project and my first of many 1:1 scale warship models in Minecraft.

This is the Gnevnyy-class destroyer of the Soviet Navy from the 1930s. It's depicted in its 1949 guise with modernised superstructure and radar systems, and updated anti-aircraft. The model I based this design on was the Anshan from World of Warships, which is a modernised Gnevnyy-class given over to the Chinese and accurately depicted in-game.

Dimensions roughly match that of the real vessel and attention-to-detail is of paramount importance to me, so I've tried to be as faithful to the real ship as possible, although I'm sure mistakes have been made and things could have been done differently in places.

The second set of images shows the Gremyashchiy, another ship in the class, also in 1949-spec, wearing the camouflage that he wears (Russian ships are male) in World of Warships. I built it mainly for interest and to challenge myself with designing a camouflage on a warship for the first time. The camouflage is period-correct for the original guise of the Gremyashchiy, as depicted in-game, but not the modernised version, which wouldn't have worn a camouflage.

The armament of the Gnevnyy-class destroyers (including the Gremyashchiy) in 1949 included:

4 x 130mm/50 B13 Pattern 1936 Guns in B-13/B-13-2 Mounts [​4 x 1]
8 x 37mm/67 V-11 Anti-Aircraft Guns [​4 x 2]
6 x 533mm Torpedoes [​2 x 3]
2 x Depth Charge Racks

Please give it a like and post a comment with your thoughts, I'd love to hear what you guys think. Just remember, this was my first attempt at building a whole warship in 1:1 scale in Minecraft, so be gentle.

I'll post again soon!

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