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Grand City Gate 威泽门

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avatar jliu7
Level 23 : Expert Architect
This is an example of a gate that Tang Dynasty used on its city walls. Suitable for your large city builds and/or your personal front gate.
CreditMcEdit/Painterly Pack
Progress100% complete

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  • VotMaf
  • Level 47
  • Master Architect
  • February 20, 2018, 1:25 am
It looks like Danfeng gate of Daming palace.
  • jliu7
  • Level 23
  • Expert Architect
  • February 20, 2018, 7:12 am
You actually know about Daming Palace! That's right. I got the idea from Danfeng Gate.
  • VotMaf
  • Level 47
  • Master Architect
  • February 21, 2018, 12:39 am
I am a MC architect from China so I know it lol. Very great palace and I want to see it, but it was destroyed a long time ago……
There is much space for improvement in your Chinese architecture, because Chinese architecture has very strict and standard building methods, whether in reality or in China's minecraft forum.
I have only a few Chinese style works. But I and my team(GN)'s works, may provide a little help to you. Most Chinese MC Chinese architects have studied traditional Chinese architectural building methods amd structure. The style of the Tang Dynasty is the most popular.
And some other Chinese minecraft team also built many great works about Chinese/other east asian architecture. Search "GN"、"Linscraft"、"Epicwork" on PMC and you can see some good works about it.

I hope it help you, there are not many people interested in Chinese architecture on PMC...
  • jliu7
  • Level 23
  • Expert Architect
  • February 21, 2018, 7:13 am
I am from China too! But now I live in the US. Thank you for your recommendations.
  • VotMaf
  • Level 47
  • Master Architect
  • February 21, 2018, 5:56 pm
Wow, Can you speak Chinese? 其实我也做过丹凤门233,以前我开团队团建时和别人做的。中式建筑做法其实最标准的两本书就是宋代的《营造法式》和梁思成的《清式营造则例》,我因为不怎么做中式所以没买。但圈子里的中式建筑师其实都在用,如果买这两本书应该是能得到最详细标准并且全面的资料了。


还有b站上的中式建筑师红星,刚开始做中式的时候我还看了他的教程= =,是他最初投稿的视频。对我帮助很大
这些东西都是冰山一角,中国建筑圈里的 东亚、欧式(我把中世纪也算在内)是两个主流的巨头级别风格,所以我看过的大作真心层出不穷..

^_^ 觉得这些都会对你有帮助,可能会让你的周日下午减少一个小时的时间?而且作品做出来效果会更佳(如果熟练操作worldedit和mcedit对任何做mc建筑的人来说也能大大缩小工程时间)
  • jliu7
  • Level 23
  • Expert Architect
  • February 22, 2018, 8:19 am
喔, 这么多信息啊, 太谢谢了. 中式建筑确实很难做的. 我也是时间比较少, 所以以前没想过去查仔细的. 现在我可以多看看, 多学学. 没想到MC里也会有如此专业的.

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