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Guess who's back....BACK AGAIN!!!!

The Great East Anglian Paper Mill located in town of Prosperity

The Prosperity Paper mill produces the following product
-Magazine paper
-Book paper
-Bleached copy paper
-Colored craft paper
Here are the parts of the mill and what they do

WOOD YARD- Storage capacity of 2,700 cords of wood, brought to plant by rail
WOOD ROOM- Two processing lines that debark, sort, and chip wood and are conveyed to the chip storage
PULP PLANT- Produces 480 tons of pulp per day, pulp is screened then bleached
Bleached Kraft paper is brought to mill on rails and then turned into pulp and stored in storage tanks ready for use
NO. 1 PAPER MACHINE- Produces 150 tons of paper per day, produces newsprint and magazine paper
NO.2,3 PAPER MACHINES-Pulp is fed through machines at 3,100 feet per minute. No.1 paper machine is capable of producing 250 tons of paper per day. No.3 paper machine capable of producing 600 tons of paper per day
Paper is trimmed and rolled, paper is processed to create a smooth finish to paper. paper is wound into 800 lbs rolls
Rolls of paper are stored until they are sent to distributors on rail. Warehouse has a capacity of 3,500 rolls of paper
Steam for plant is produced by 2-25 MW coal fired boilers. Power plant is designed to burn coal, bark, wastewater sludge, and tire chips. Both boilers burn 85 tons of coal per day
WASTEWATER PLANT Waste water is pumped to a 430,000 gal primary treatment tank where debris settles to the bottom. water is then pumped to one of two 100,000 gal clarifier tanks to be skimmed, sludge settles to bottom of tank and is then pumped to a 55,000 gal sludge digester that breaks down the sludge to be burned in the boiler or used as agricultural fertilizer. Water is sent to a 50,000 gal tank to be cleaned and discharged into river.
COAL STORAGE/ FLY ASH- 3 50 ft coal bunkers store up to 500 tons of coal which is delivered by 1 train per week. 25 tons of fly ash is produced per day which is recycled and added to concrete and cement.

Paper mill is based on the now demolished Verso paper mill in Sartell MN, USA

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