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Greek-Revival Civil Building with spawn room, courtroom, meeting room, offices, possible jail

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Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
The time and place was 1820s America, and the hype of the newly-formed nation had worn off. It was the perfect time for a new movement in architecture to re-spark national pride in democracy. Though Greek- and Roman-inspired Federal-style architecture was already dominant, a new style came into being thanks to the work of architect William Strickland, whose most famous building is the Second Bank of the United States in Philadelphia, which very closely resembles the Parthenon on the front. Greek ornamentation became a major architectural design trend in the United States from the early 1830s until the 1860s when Gothic and Italianate styles took over.

Greek Revival can be found in various forms along the Eastern United States, from the temple-like Southern courthouses to the pilaster-fronted porchless farmhouses in Upstate New York and New England.
This civil building project is a mix of these. It borrows the temple-fronted courthouse design from the South, but has the flat, porch-less form from the North. The use of frieze windows (the small windows along the top) for a full interior floor is a common Northern feature.
Additionally, a little bit of Neoclassical architecture is mixed in with the quoins (staggered corner blocks) and Palladian-inspired front window design.

There are four usable floors plus an attic, accessed by a ladder. The entry floor has a spawn room, reception area, and large meeting room. The second floor has four offices and a courtroom. The third floor has four offices and a balcony over the courtroom. The basement has six offices and a space which could be used for a jail, accessed from an office which could be a warden's office.

The building has purposefully not been furnished. I want it to be flexible to your usage. The spawn room doesn't have to be a spawn room if you don't want it to be, and the courtroom could be something else if you so desire. Maybe a dance hall. It's up to your imagination, and you may furnish it as you please.

If used on a multiplayer world, please credit the building to "ShakoRam" on a sign placed anywhere you want.
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