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Green Hill Zone (Sonicraft)

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BlueBlurSonic avatar BlueBlurSonic
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
This map is VERY unfinished and may not be finished till mid 2019. I did not make the texture pack, only the map. The texture pack was made by Drazile on PlanetMinecraft:
the texture pack is very old but do not let that prevent you from using it, it still does make the game look so much better.
The "Sonicraft" part is there because I plan on making other levels which will all be part of a map series call "Sonicraft", which may all be released into one full pack but may not be done till 2021, and please keep in mind that the "Sonicraft" idea only a concept, and I may not go through with the idea. But for now, please enjoy!
CreditDrazile made the texture pack.
Progress5% complete

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