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HAB - 20Hz Antibounce TNT Cannon ( Adjustable Arc | Movecraft Compatible | Antibounce | Turret )

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Basic Info
The HAB Mk1 (High-Frequency Anti Bounce) is a TNT cannon designed to prevent the projectiles from sliding off a surface when it hits it whether it's dead on or at an angle (if movecraft combat is used). TNT cannons usually suffer when they strike a flat surface in that the projectiles will impact, fall, and slide off of the intended impact point. What anti-bounce aims to correct is to prevent such from happening by making TNT explode all across the flight path in order to make sure that a projectile will explode at any point it hits. The 20Hz in the name indicates that it dispenses a projectile every game tick and thus 20 projectiles are dispensed in a second and there is only a single gametick delay between each projectile exploding along the flight path.

In vanilla, many walls usually are flat surfaces and TNT strikes it and slides off falling to the bottom. What this gun allows you to do is instead of the TNT falling off the wall, it hits and a projectile detonates as it's set on a fuse that would explode right when it hits the wall.

In servers with Movecraft-Combat installed, TNT cannons can be allowed to shoot diagonally through the use of directors. While Movecraft-Combat allows TNT to explode on contact automatically, at certain angles, the impact detection system isn't triggered and the projectiles can skid along the side and fly right off without detonating. What this aims to correct is that since the TNT is fused to explode at any given time along its flight path, the projectiles will explode and damage the target regardless of whether or not the contact fuse is set off.

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Nerd Stuff
The central timing mechanism for the gun is a pulse extender. How it works is that when the turret is powered by the Redstone torch tower underneath it, the propellant is dispensed. Immediately afterward, two comparator clocks are activated desynchronized by a single game tick to the projectile dispensers. Each clock is linked to two projectile dispensers. These two dispensers per clock are desynchronized by 1 redstone tick (2 gameticks). This mechanism combines two 10Hz systems together but since they are desynchronized by a single game tick, it creates a 20Hz mechanism dispensing a projectile every game tick (20 times a second). As the clock isn't locked in any way, TNT is dispensed throughout the whole firing cycle and thus projectiles explode all along the flight path.

The piston that controls the arc instead of staying extended is pulsed up and down after the signal to the gun turns off. The longer the pulse to the gun, the later the piston activates, and thus the higher the projectiles are when the propellant explodes. The higher the projectiles are in their fall when the propellant explodes, the higher the arc of the gun.

The central timing mechanism/pulse extender is outside of the gun and can be wired to multiple turrets in order to adjust the trajectory and fire multiple turrets at the same time with the same trajectory.

Movecraft Compatibility
The turret is compatible with the Movecraft plugin and can be mounted on airships or as a stand-alone rotating turret if you wish to use it for base defense. This gun is designed with no factional basis in mind but could be mounted as secondary armament or as the main gun for smaller warships like corvettes and destroyers.


    • Max Range: 340-350m (340-350 Blocks)
    • Antibounce Duration: 30-350m (30-350 Blocks)
    • Projectile: 40x TNT per turret
    • Propellant: 17x TNT per turret

Plugin Requirements ( None / Optional )

No plugins are required for the cannon to function as it is a purely Redstone device. However, the cannon can be used on Movecraft warships with their turret feature to face different directions. Some servers that run Movecraft are ToTheEnd, Airship Pirates, and Strangelands.

Terms of Use

You may use or modify this gun on your server, builds, and/or ships but be sure to leave a diamond, credit me, and link the gun if possible. Thank you!

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09/04/2021 9:46 pm
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I thought antibounce guns were meant to have all the remaining pj explode at once when hitting the target at say, complex angles.
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