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Halloween Murder & Torture House

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avatar Death Order
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
This is a fictional build inspired by the HH Holmes' Murder Castle which was a hotel which trapped visitors and killed them in 1890s Chicago. This is one is in a random suburban street in Modern times and the murders are operated every Halloween.

A group of ten 'friends', mostly engineers,construction workers, and scientists are obsessed with death and Satanism. Most of them were diagnosed with SPD/ASPD so it meant they all enjoyed and lacked remorse. They created a Satanic Cult in the leader's house and took the evil part of Halloween way too literally and way too far - they decided that on every Halloween they would lure young children into the house and murder them! They constructed an underground system and brought in many items. Then they split the group into teams

1: Team 1
They lure in the children and made sure they went down the hole to the holding cell.

2: Team 2
They torture and kill the children, then dissect their bodies and sell parts on the black market while cremating the rest of it.

3: Team 3
They inspect the site and made sure everything went well according to plan.

They will begin the first operation in 2019, they will target younger, more vulnerable children as older ones will question why they are being asked to go inside and that hole. It is unknown how long it will be until something goes horribly wrong for them as the law might catch up with them and take them to prison for rest of their lives and ending their Satanic cult, but a couple of things will be certain: there will be rituals and blood will be shed...

Happy Halloween!

This is not meant to be realistic, don't take this seriously!

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