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Halo CAS class Assault Carrier

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These ships possess an extensive hangar bay, capable of transporting large numbers of Seraph fighters, Phantom dropships, boarding craft, and large fleets of Ghosts and Wraiths, along with a number of massive Scarab Walkers, and - later - the frigates UNSC Forward Unto Dawn and UNSCAegis Fate would dock inside the vessel's launch bay, a testament to the vastness of these ships.[6]

Assault Carriers are also used as Flagships, leading Covenant Fleets into battle. Though designed for planetary combat, they also excel at ship-to-ship combat, possessing multiple point-defense pulse laser turrets, Plasma Torpedo launchers and at least two energy projectors.[7]Halo CAS class Assault Carrier Minecraft Map
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cool, but it looks a little bit streched unlike the picture. Cool anyways :)