Halo Reach: Penance

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avatar Rikumaru
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Hello guys, the map in this project is a recreation of Halo Reach: Penance. It's an arena style map that can be pretty cool for PvP or for minigames.

This map was originally created by me back in 2011 in Minecraft Classic (0.30) for a minigame called Zombie Survival (Basically tag). I saved the map onto premium and left it for roughly 4 - 5 years. I then decided to update the map for 1.9 to improve the looks of the map with the many more blocks Mojang have added to the game.

The map is 64x64x64 blocks large. I have added fences in the map to contain water so the water acts like Gravity Lifts. This was due to the fact I edited the map after I transferred it to Premium and when you change a block / break it while its next to the floating water block, the water then flows. (Never had this issue with Minecraft Classic)

If you want to use this map for your own project or whatnot you have permission though it would be nice if you credited me. Same goes for the usage for this map on servers.
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04/17/2016 12:42 pm
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