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Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
I seem to like building large tall bases usually with some mathematical geometry in them. This one is more 3D art than mathematical, and was created from a voxelizion of a 3D printer file. Once loaded into minecraft I used world edit to remove the 'ball' slabify it (move it up half a block so all the top and bottom surfaces are slabs, so mobs can't spawn, then re-add the sphere and work out lights for the sphere (as it could not be 'slabified'.

Once the basic object was prepared survival build plans were extracted, and it was built in survival, one layer at a time.

After being build villager and mob farmswere build inside the 'hand', while the sphere contains my main base and large storage array and crafting, and enchantment areas. The ground floor contains an economy shop wher I sell goods of value to other players at reasonable prices.

It was build on the Element Animation Server, and if you visit the server you can jump to close to it using the command "/warp fb3". The best way to see it is using an elytra with slow falling potion. (I sell elytra in my shop) If you like to see the insides, contact me on the server for a tour.

Progress100% complete

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