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TBC_Miles avatar TBC_Miles
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Nerd

The ultimate custom survival island, Hands of Survival.
Explore each custom world in each dimension of Minecraft, Speedrun to test your abilities, or build the ultimate survival base.

Hands of Survival is a fully playable and completable fully custom survival world(s). Each dimension has a custom build that has been merged with Minecraft generation. But be warned these islands aren't as easy as a normal Minecraft world.

If you are going to speed run it, be sure to @ me on Twitter, YouTube, or just PM me here so I can see it!

This is a fully complete map, no resource pack, plugin, or anything else required. Just extract it into your Minecraft saves and play in any version 1.16.2 and beyond.

Have fun-

Miles Playz
Progress100% complete

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10/18/2021 8:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
frinkfronk avatar
Been playing for a little bit - outside of waiting for the wandering trader and hoping he has them, is there any way to get sand or sugar cane?
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