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Roblox Classic: Happy Homes in Robloxia (2008 and 2012) - [1.8]

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A nice peaceful level with a starting house and a car, and some free bricks to build with. Hop in your car and explore the world! Insert furniture into your house! Start a garden! Add houses for friends! Grow your starting level into a huge city! Spice your game up with some hilarious weapons! A police station! A bank! Your imagination is the limit! Welcome to ROBLOX!

A Happy Home in Robloxia is one of the former template maps available to players when they first create a place. Happy Home in Robloxia has been updated several times over the years. The original, non-template place is currently under the main ROBLOX account ROBLOX.

I'm Lord Minecraft, now known as Kineticlops, this project started in March 2013 and was completed anywhere through the end of Q2 through Q4, though the main building probably took a month or few days, I was lazy to trim the flatworld, create the file, upload it on PMC. Then I eventually trimmed the world, created the file, and a few years (approximately 2-3), then I finally uploaded it on PMC and lost my old account by then. My reasoning for not creating a map in a long time is because I never finish them, they suck, lack planning, and lack of inspiration to help fuel me to finish it.

The interiors feature models from the appropriate era, '08 was Roblox uploaded models and '12 was from the stamper tools. I excluded the slide and see-saw due to the difficulty of creating them, the roof of the house isn't centered and is somewhat lopsided on the right side mostly, I created this so I would have a simple and easy project and to recreate both of the happy homes in Roblox. I don't enjoy the site anymore but the '08 is just a classic and I have wonderful memories of it, along with all of the old Roblox (ranging from the inception to 2009, maybe up to 2011) and I joined in November 28th, 2009.

Please enjoy or hate the map, diamond it, favorite it, download it, comment on it, blow it up, survive, do whatever your 8-bit hearts desire.

Note: The download includes images of the happy homes throughout various years, even when the home was constructed in 2006. Plus, the Minecraft images and the history of it (which is also featured on this description; see below)

  • 2008: January 2007-August 15, 2011
  • 2012: August 15, 2011-October 19, 2012 (Still exists on Roblox's profile, just not as default place.)

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June 2007

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Around 369,000+


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History of the Happy Homes in Robloxia

Spoiler - click to reveal

A Happy Home in Robloxia is one of the former template maps available to players when they first create a place. A Happy Home in Robloxia has been changed a few times to become a more updated version. The original, non-template place is currently under the main ROBLOX account ROBLOX.

In the early years of ROBLOX (2006-2008), the Happy Home in Robloxia contained a beige-brick house with a red shingle roof top, along with various piles of colored bricks which were situated around the area. Most of the objects within the place were un-anchored, bar the white path and base-plate. Players were provided with a Copy, Drag, and Delete tool, with which they could build their first creations while utilizing the bricks which were supplied to them. In addition to the piles of colored bricks, there were also seesaw and slide play-structures. In Around mid-2008, signs were added to help the player learn what to do with their first places.

In 2009 and 2010, the place was made into a large piece of land. The same piece of land is in Shedletsky's place Telamon's big world. It gave you a starting car and an empty home. There were cars located all over the map. It contained a river which could not be escaped when entered, a large canyon with an elevator, which is the highest point on the base-plate, a red large bridge, a light house that could be reached from an underwater tunnel through the river, and 2 beaches. One contained 2 cars and a ramp for people to use their cars on to jump over the river for fun. The second one which contained the light house had a few more cars, including the starter car, 2 smaller starter cars, a starter car with wings, a car which had big lilac balls for wheels, and a monster truck. From this beach you could get to the red bridge across the canyon.

On August 15th 2011, A Happy Home in Robloxia was updated yet again. Now, the house was expanded, and now consisted entirely of components that were placed with the new stamper tool. It had a castle wall surrounding the back of the house which is though to be the yard, which contained 2 cars including a blue car which could hold 2 users, and a green jeep which could hold 4 users. It also had a ladder which would take you to the top of the wall, which had teleporters that could take you to the lighthouse, which was expanded with a new red balcony, the beach with the ramp, in which the cars were replaced by a blue racing car and a space station teleporter which took you to a brand new space station made completely out of Stamper building tools.

In 2012, the place was updated again, but became drastically different than the older versions. Now there is only one car, which is the green jeep which can hold 4 players, and instead of the land, it was turned into a green textured terrain which contained multiple trees around the terrain. The space station was also kept and placed a small distance away from the house. There is also a desert with some cacti. Later in 2012, this was no longer a base template but is still the place when you join.

-Information from ROBLOX Wikia


Current version (2012) is active is on Roblox's profile

Old version (2008) is inactive on Player's profile, but is still accesible in the Studio by clicking on the three black square dots and pressing Edit.

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My Previous Projects

Roblox Classic: Happy Homes in Robloxia (2008 and 2012) - [1.8] Minecraft Map

Roblox Classic: Happy Homes in Robloxia (2008 and 2012) - [1.8] Minecraft Map
Gas Station & Corner Store

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can you make the Roblox HQ?
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I was thinking of that and Haunted Mansion, but I'm not good with terrain.
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