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avatar HardTale1004
Level 20 : Expert Architect

Hello, I'm HardTale.

Built by : HardTale, OwlHouse

Render by: HardTale

Twitter - HardTale: https://twitter.com/OK4s0rnJxGJRaMz

- OwlHouse: https://twitter.com/thoughtlessjh

The name of this project is " HardOwl ", and this is my collaboration with OwlHouse.

The atmosphere of this project is three gods watching a battle in a swampy village.
The gods are Catfish, Toad, and Crocodile.

Raccoon and Lesser Panda are fighting, lizard is running away

In addition, ships carrying the dead are entering the village harbor.

The architecture is Oriental.

We give free distribution. Please download a lot.
( The file is Schematic so sorry :( )
( If you don't know how to download schematic file, search google " Minecraft schematic command " )

I've written a note in the Notifications box inside the server.

thank you :)

Progress100% complete

08/25/2019 7:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
That's pretty cool guys, nicely done :) It is possible to do some renders about it ?
08/25/2019 11:54 am
Level 20 : Expert Architect
Sure! Send a Twitter message to Owlhouse
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