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Ancient Sins: Heart of Darkness Open World Adventure Map

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Hello everyone! This is a Legend of Zelda and Skyrim inspired adventure map with an open world style of adventure. Imagine a Legend of Zelda inspired storyline, dungeons, quests, tools and boss fights; with a Skyrim style world, content, weapons, armor, potions, enchantments, and build style. This map is currently under pre-alpha staus because I need support from other people ro help me build this map. Check out my page for the details of how to join! Again, all of this is still in the planning phase and I will try and update it regularly. The hardest part will be trying to assemble a team of mapmakers for this project.

Story: Heart of Darkness follows two heroes throughout an adventure with inspiration from the Legend of Zelda Games (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword) and Skyrim. The map will be 5kx5k based on a "Continent" as you would call it named Athenry (Name derived from Ireland) which neighbors a friendly continent named Theles Isles and an enemy continent Agais. The other continents are simple just for lore purposes (and if you guessed we named everything by making absolutely random names off of the top of our heads you are absolutely correct) and will have elements through out the story. The Map features 16 different Regions: Lowlands, Highlands, Wetlands, Tropics, Desert, Mesa, Savanna, Volcanic, Tundra, Glacial, Oceanic, Forest, Subterranean, Floating Island, Hidden Region, and a Wasteland. This is a 3 part adventure map. First part is an adventure through what Zelda Games call "Mini-Dungeons" to find the 16 stones, one located in each region. The second part is to beat the boss in each of the 16 temples to save a Guardian (not the Minecraft fish monster.) Third and final part is too travel to Mortra (where the dead goes) to defeat a final boss only to realize that your going to the Forgotten Void and you'll see what happens when you get there. Story simplified is this: An ethereal being named Gaeron (God of this world) decides to create land and life. Creates Soal (the earth of this world) but realizes he needs balance. He then creates Aurora, the Princess of Light, and Nefaris, the Prince of Darkness. He treats the mas his children. He creates life with Aurora and death with Nefaris. Gaeron creates the humans and other life and the world is good. Nefaris is tired of being the overseer of all things terrible as it drains his mentality and wants to change. Gaeron says no because he needs balance. Nefaris rebels and tries to kill Aurora by refusing to keep the balance. The lack of balance stops Gaeron and he asks a human to defeat Nefaris by giving him a weapon. Nefaris corners Aurora but the human stops him by being a distraction. Aurora takes the heavens and the human defeats Nefaris and sends him to his own underworld. Gaeron makes humans the superior race. Gaeron creates 16 guardians to help keep the balance stronger. An extremely long time later, Ancastor is the main kingdom of Athenry and is at war with Nazu, the desert Kingdom over religion. Ancastor worships Aurora and Nazu worships Nefaris. The Abergale Highlands and Avondale Forest are sub-kingdoms of Ancastor after a previous war. Atticus is a native Ancastorian who wants to be an official to the king like his father. Moalmhuaidh (Mwale-vooey) is an Avondale Knight who wants his people freed but is forced to serve in the Ancastorian Army. The king sends Atticus and Moalmhuaidh on a quest to meet the Princess of the Theles Isles and the quest starts there.

Content: The map will be a 5kx8k with an open world style of adventuring. Now as you are probably thinking, how will the legend of Zelda style items and game progression work if it's free roam? Well we are still going to have that. You will find area's you can't progress in until you have the correct item. But we won't make every area like that. There will still be areas where you can progress through, fight enemies, can experience and still earn regular loot. Looting will be a major part of what this game has in it. We also are having 16 regions which all feature a different biome or set of biomes. Each region should have a civil area the player can either buy or earn to use as a hub. There will be a fast travel system in place, however the player must earn each area first by discovering it and for some unlocking it by a quest. There will be the main 3 parts of the story, side quests, faction quests, radiant quests, and more. We will also try to make a few mini games where players can earn items and we will have an ultimate secret hidden for the player to find throughout the story mode.

Help: Please comment what you think and any suggestions you have to make the story and conent of the adventure better. Check out my page if you'd like to help out with this adventure map. I'll take as many people as I can get with this map to build an amazing adventure. Hopefully it'll all stay vanilla.
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Update #6 : 08/13/2020 4:27:22 pmAug 13th, 2020

Update 6 is a project delay. We are working on building tree, mushroom, log, and etc nature templates to use when we world paint the overworld to give the world a more realistic appeal. We are also trying to manage a way to have erosion lines near water or in dried rivers and lake beds and the canyon. If anyone can help us build nature items please contact me on Discord at @BM13#5710

In the mean time, we are working on our Mob Arena Project to at least still be productive and push out a fun gamemode

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