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Heart of the Forest (Bossfight)

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avatar Gerben0007
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
A map that's just a Bossfight with nothing else that I thought would be fun to make.
You shoot the glowstone block with your bow and avoid attacks.
Should in theory work in multiplayer, but I wasn't able to test that.

List of attacks:
Exploding green beam of doom
A ray of green particles goes to a random player and explodes after a small period of time.

flying particles that attack you
Have a chance of spawning when you attack the boss. Die when coming in contact with blocks.
A lot spawn in when on half health.

The floor
Try to jump to the grass platforms. Gold pressure plates give you jump boost.

Shower of arrows
Flaming particles appear on one of the platforms. Then, a shower of arrows comes down and does damage.
(Turns into flaming arrows after half health)

Magic bows
Spawns in 4 bows that circle around the center and shoot you. (Spawns in 8 after half health)

A shield that goes up and down and blocks arrows after half health.
Progress100% complete

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