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Heavy Duty Forklift

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Captain_JEK avatar Captain_JEK
Level 78 : Legendary Hero

this is a rather big forklift able to lift almost any other ground vehicle. I needed it to put my vehicle world in order (can't lift the trucks by hand you know...).

I used a special texture pack in which cobblestone looks like netherbrick and stonebrick looks like gray concrete. This way I could use netherbrick walls which already are in the game but only in snapshot versions and I didn't want to use a snapshot.

Making stonebrick look like gray concrete was more of an emergency action because there is no stair/slab block that blends nicely with gray concrete. In my opinion netherbrick is the closest thing to gray concrete but the design with netherbrick looked extremely messy (the design with stonebrick also did). So I thought I'd try something new and simply make my own concrete stairs.

The smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes is generated by command blocks 50 blocks above the forklift. You can turn the smoke effect on and off via two buttons.
The smoke effect could also be used very well on amercian trucks with their large exhaust pipes.

If you were looking for a smaller forklift take a look at my first Forklift.

Progress100% complete

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03/10/2019 5:12 pm
Level 44 : Master Engineer
JoaoDaFonseca avatar
Awesome build, the smoke effect is really nice.
03/10/2019 5:23 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Hero
Captain_JEK avatar
Thank you! Yeah, I like the smoke, too. It gives it that little bit of extra life ^^
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