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Heliopolis City mega project (V.0.1 MAP)

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HeliopolisCity avatar HeliopolisCity
Level 58 : Grandmaster Professor
Im italian builder and this is my solo project : Heliopolis city is a project started in 2012 , i build something like every 3 months , i use program mc edit to help me to build and to decrease errors and gain time , from 2012 after 9 years , this is the result , Heliopolis city sure grow and grow in the future , now i just almost complete the centre of the city , its possible can find a lot of type of differents architectures like modernism , rationalism , eccletism , liberty , neoclassicism , neomedieval , medieval , gotich , reinassance , baroque , greek roman , experimental architecture, chicago style sullivan , asian , italian , french , spanish , english , german , soviet and russian architecture, chinese modern architecture, and my personal style of architecture .the city centre is surrounded by Trasimeno lake, and now im expand the metropolis a lot beyond the lake waiting for the update V.02 ( updated in 1.17 minecraft version if i resolve the problem of new world generation of minecraft 1.18 and more ) . For now the city is siddivided in main neighborhoods with different architecturals styles .

Historic centre : the biginning of heliopilis , all start from here in 2012 , is the perfect centre of the city , i start to build before i know the existence of the program mc edit .

main monuments and tourist attractions

-first cathedral of Heliopolis
-first theatre of Heliopolis
-first build of heliopolis "the house of emeralds"
-a compact historic village in medieval architecture sourraunded by a river , with squares, european historicals buildings , .
-beyond the river is possible to see a great skyline with almost 50 and more skyscrapers
- a little modern art museum with art works made by me
-many builds have interiors

business centre : here you can find a lot of skyscrapers and chicago style 1800/1900 north american historicals buildings , the parliament of Heliopolis city and some istitucionals buildings of the Heliopolis city-state

main monuments and touristic spots

-central square , a big square surrounded by skyscrapers
- 402 park avenue skyscraper
- Hearst tower ( Norman foster architect)
- united commissions tower
- L tower , the main caracteristic of this tower is the big greenhouse at the basement
- historical north american architecture , many examples around the business district .
- Heliopolis city central bank , a contemporary building with interiors , and a great amount of treasures inside and safaty vault
- a great amount of skyscrapers to explore .
- Breda tower , an example of years 50 of last century of modern european skyscraper

1800 area : in this quarter you have buildings from 1500 to 1800 historical european architecture one of the most beautiful neighborhood of the city-state , this place is very rich of touristic spots , monuments , monumental and decorated squares , fountains , mostly is rich of significant historical architecures palaces

monuments and significant palaces

-main monument is the great gallery Vittorio Emanuele II a mega buil of more than 800x600 blocks with interiors and an iper detailed architecture in neo reinassance style .
-main square of the city is Duomo square a giant square surrounded by monumental buildings temples and an extremely detailed gotich chatedral
-civic palace , a neo catalan and liberty monumental palace
- venetians buildings , extremely detailed examples of reinasance venetian architecture
- castle of the mountain ( castel del monte ) a real castle located in southern Italy declared UNESCO world heritage .
-La Scala theatre and Scala square , the most important and big theatre of the city , in front of the theatre there is Scala square decorated with elements of the famous reinassance artist Michelangelo Buonarrotti
-four tritons park , historical park with elements of liberty and neo reinassace architecture is suddivided i four area , the cold area the mediterranean area and the two tropics area .
-many monumental example of historical north american architecture of la 1800 century
- another building very appreciate by the community is the nacional library of Helioipolis with full interiors
-university of Gallenga Stuart palace , full interiors, is an historic university with a secret room
-imperial palace Capodimonte , masterpiece of neapolitan baroque style
-4 november square, an artistic square with a medieval fountain at the center surrounded by historical palaces
- KGB russian secret services palace
-many examples of historical buildings
- Cova castle a significant example of neo medieval architecture with an astronomy tower hanging gardens and more , 100% interiors ( spawn point of the map )
- 2 Mole D'Heliopolis , is a temple in gotich style very tall in the top there is an onions dome with decorated differents coloreds glass
- Heliopolis central postal office , historical building with decorated interiors.
-midnight palace , the Milan stock exange palace , very big dimension with a lot of details
-Duomo of Milan , extremly detailed gothic cathedral
- a medieval italian gotich style churc

rationalist area : is a district of mega buildings in 1940 architecture style (ww2 times) , this style of architecture is very realistic in minecraft is possible to see also soviet time architecture of Stalin era (cold war)

main attractions

-national museum of Heliopolis 50% of the exibicion , a monumental square complex with the tallest building of the city at the center , the giant ethiopian obelisque of Axum.
-square colosseum , a mega build with monumental stairs , inside there is the giant room extremely decorated with glowstone in the room is possible to admire the giant picture of the ethiopian lion , in the rooftop window there is a great pixel art made of glass of the imperial eagle of Heliopolis city
- palace of the russian ministry of defence ( soviet architecture )
-Velasca tower masterpiece of brutalist architecture
- the two genoese towers
-Pirelli skyscraper (Pirellone)
-Duca d'Aosta square
-foreign ministry of Heliopolis palace
- Piero Portaluppi house

Heliopolis kremlin : is a giant mega fortres fortified in the north east of the metropolis ,is the single biggest structure of the city with an immense surface, you can find an old central village with church and a lot of rural houses , fields, towers and castles

main attraction

-tower of the withcher , a fantasy medieval style tower located in the top of an enchanted hill
- fields landscapes
-the central medieval village , a very colorful historical village made of narrow streets an little houses
- monumental and decorated walls with four giant defence towers ispired by the russian Moscow Kremlin

The bronx : is the biggest residential area of the city, commieblocks everywhere , and great building speculation , you can found Miami style buildings near the lakefront , soviet commieblocks , european and american residential apartements most important monuments are the house of parliaments and the institucionals palaces around it ...

main monuments and interest spots

-Heliopolis house of parliament , 100% the design remember the european parliament , the chamber room is surrounded by an a giant pixel art glass with the Heliopolis imperial eagle the architecture style is modern but unknow
-ministry of health , inpired by the russian Duma the russian house of parliament in Moscow
- many examples of commieblocks with interiors at 50%

District of the workers : in this neighborhood you can find a great and complex italian typical 1950/1960 residential area , this neighborhoods is home of workers houses that works in the near industrial area ,there are also an historical area the ex satellite town(some years ago was distant from the center of the city but now is in it) the most spectacular is sure the area of the chinese asian temple of the dragon in tradicional oriantal architecture one of the most appreciate build of the city, the area of the villas , and the area of the gated community of the arcades tower a very complex skyscrapers with an intricate architecture absorbed in a giant park with a golf camp .

monuments and interesting spots

- the main attraction is the temple of the dragone a detailed old asian architecture complex with statues pagodas and builded trees.
- the portici an historical porch , nice place for a walk
- old villages of old Heliopolis , are villagers communitys once upo a time far from the city , with the grow of Heliopolis this villages are inside the city .
- area of the villas , there are many examples all different to each others of suburban villas from the most modern style to the most tradicional
- hot air ballon in the sky
-Tel Aviv arcades moderen skyscraper and golf reort with a gold camp with 13 holes all decorated with builded trees

Industrial area : in this area you can find all industrials buildings from 1800 to moderns times factories industries , the city power plant , and industrial warehouses ...

most significant places

-the main symbol build of this place is the "chathedral of labour" a giant historical factory of the second industrial revolucion with interiors
- historical 1920 giant power plant
- historicals industrials factories
- modern industrials factories
- farms factory and laboratory , it is the result of some of my attempts to create efficient farms of mobs , weath , pumpkins and more things , is very old place ( almost minecraft 1.3, 1.4, 1.5)

i cant explicate all the details and things you have in the city so enjoy it and explore ! try also in survivol

If you like what you see subscribe leave a diamond and an heart :)



2492 X 2350 BLOCKS AREA

5.856.200 m² BLOKS AREA

3 km x 3 km with lake (1,86 miles)


central historic circle tram line , in the histrotic centre of Heliopilis

west line , stacions :-->central stacion --> 4 november square

circle line , stations : tiburtina --> central station-->business centre --> stadium ferraris --> east station

North - south line , stations : kremlin --> tiburtina --> business centre

airport - city centre line (planned 2019)

minimetro line , from Historic centre to neighboroughs of Heliopolis , stations : farnesina --> national museum --> tiburtina --> university --> historic center --> central park --> ireland --> bronx --> east stacion

neghboroughs line , station : central --> pontecagnano-->workers district , (neighborhood SOUTH 2019 PLANNED )








mods: MC edit 1.0 world editor

world viewer : MC maps viewer

world editor : Amulet (from 2021)

Progress85% complete

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Update #62 : by HeliopolisCity 05/04/2023 2:35:17 pmMay 4th

new area of the city update

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02/10/2023 3:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
stann13 avatar
the buildings are kinda ugly
11/12/2022 11:21 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Miner
Justanordinaryuser avatar
hey! will the map be updating soon?
11/12/2021 11:48 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
pageje67 avatar
Wow, this is a stunning and higly impressive project. There is many architecture style. I really like old building, the leveel of details and the realistic aspect is so well done. I also like the building lighting. Your long term dedication to this project is the key to get a so beautiful and impressive result.
11/12/2021 1:35 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Professor
HeliopolisCity avatar
is the future i plan a social expanciaon like on youtube and reddit to show more details and new projects in the map , there are a lot to build for the future all is in my mind
10/25/2021 1:55 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Magical Boy
SeriousCraft avatar
why the scale is 2:1 , like it's city for giants
10/25/2021 2:24 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Professor
HeliopolisCity avatar
Your comment is very important for the future and development of the project, can You describe more better to me your impressions and crtitics? I can answer to you, the scale is made to grow the sensacion of monumental and Also to have more detailed builds, minecraft is this, in working to this aspect i have notice in particular there are area where a giant scale building is surrounded by more little buildings in eliminating from the maps this places, there are areas where every buildings is giant and You dont notice it and Also architects of the past create this monumental places maybe with giants rooms giants doors to impress the visitors, if You notice something of strange say to me is very important for the developing of the city thanks
10/26/2021 10:19 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Magical Boy
SeriousCraft avatar
the problem is that map have no real life proportions, when i see skyscraper tall as church i only want to close my eyes xD
10/23/2021 9:50 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Miner
New Tours Oficial
New Tours Oficial avatar
how many theaters are there on this map?
10/24/2021 2:25 amhistory
Level 59 : Grandmaster Professor
HeliopolisCity avatar
two theaters , the old was made in 2013 the newest is ispired by La Scala theater of Milan , and another is planned in the north park beyond the lake in the newest part of the city still not avaiable , i think to build the Shakspear globe theatre if i found the time to build it.
10/23/2021 3:22 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Sailor
Papa Enny
Papa Enny avatar
Amazing detailed
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