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Herobrine trolling in survival! [Download]

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avatar Naravolian_DB
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
Do you love watching trolling videos? If you do, you probably know that using Herobrine as a trolling tool is very popular. In this video, I am going to show you a machine I made which will let you troll your friends in vanilla survival!

You can either use the pre-made world that I have set up, or you can download the MCEdit schematic and copy it in to your survival world. Both options requires a little bit of work, but do not worry, it is very simple and easy to do! Just copy and paste the commands below! There is a guide included in the machine (both in the MCEdit schematic and the pre-made world). It will tell you which tool does what etc. Please read it before you post mean comments.

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List of commands (pre-made world)

/scoreboard players set (your username) troll 1
/scoreboard players set (the victims username) victim 1

NOTE: There can be multiple victims.

List of commands (MCEdit schematic)

/gamerule commandBlockOutput false
/gamerule logAdminCommands false
/scoreboard objectives add troll dummy
/scoreboard objectives add victim dummy
/scoreboard players set (your username) troll 1
/scoreboard players set (the victims username) victim 1

NOTE: You need to replace the redstone blocks in the machine in order to activate it! Remember to do so before inviting your friends on to your world. Also, as long as they are de-opped (or cheats to the LAN world is turned off) they won't be able to see any commands you do. Remember, there can be multiple victims!
CreditBedrock Elite
Progress100% complete
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