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Herobrine's Rise: a new Mod

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avatar Lt_Smash
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
Go on a perilous adventure, battling Herobrine's ferocious army and generals, and Herobrine's dragon The Condemner. Ride your own pet firing breathing dragon and collect epic weapons and armour to fight back! Intense battles of survival mixed with good humor like crafting and eating pizza in Minecraft. Battle your way through to the final showdown with omnipotent Herobrine!

The Mod can now be downloaded here on Planet Minecraft! Please see my post "Herobrine's Rise from the Ashes" to get the download.

This is a beta version. For now, please play on Minecraft version 1.6.4, with the Forge version shown below. I am in 7th grade and this is my first Mod. I worked on it for 2 years, so it is a solid mod. I would like to see how it works for other players. Here are some tips- please send any comments so I can keep improving!
  1. You cannot fight new mobs with just diamond gear- the mobs are too powerful. You need to craft, find, and enchant special armour and weapons. Herobrine's Generals are progressively more difficult, so you need to find the proper gear needed to survive
  2. You must have forge 1.6.4-Forge9.11.1.1345 (It is the only one I have seen work so far).
  3. Steps to enchant the new gear are to: take two of the same helmet and put it in a crafting bench. Then grab with your mouse that helmet icon in the crafting bench and put it in your inventory. The same method works for other armor and weapons
  4. To craft the portal to Herobrine's Cursed Realm Dimension, follow the crafting recipe shown in the pictures (to make the White-eyed portal block), and then construct the Portal as shown in the pictures. There are other useful crafting recipes shown in the pictures, too.
  5. If you fight three headed Herobrine from the air of below him and it crashes, let me know. His collosal lightning bolt is probably the cause. I have an AMD A10 processor, but my video card isn't that great. I am interested to see how it works for other computers.
  6. Some mobs take a while to kill! Even I hardly ever kill Herobrine himself- you need the epic Notch sword and armour to even have a chance, and even then it takes a long time. This Mod is meant to be a real challenge, and live up to the omnipotent legendary power of Herobrine.
  7. You can also go on a quest to collect all new achievements throughout the Biomes
  8. I wrote a fantasy/adventure Minecraft book, around the creations in the Mod. The book also has some secret tips. It is available on Amazon.com and is called "Herobrine's Cursed Realm"

LINK to the required version of FORGE https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.6.4.html

Click on “Show All Downloads”, select Forge version, and click on the “Installer” Folder

Mod details:

Freedom fighter
abilities:Normal attack
Found in:Dessert, Nether, and Notches biome.

Pacifist or enraged Steve
abilities:invisibility, moves fast.
Damage per hit:700
Found in:Notches Biome, Steves forest, and Nether.

Weakend Notch
abilities:Rapid attacks.
Found in:Notches biome.

abilities:Flies around and normal dragon attack (can shoot fireballs if you click the space button when riding him)
Damage per hit:100
Found in:(Spawn egg in mini castle within Herobrine's dimension)


Very Cursed Player of Herobrine's Doing
abilities:Can teleport rapidly around the player.
Damage per hit:700
Found in:Nether, Herobrine's Biome, and plains at night.

Phantom Wraith of a Warlock General
abilities:Can fly, hit from far away, and fire wither skulls very fast.
Damage per hit:1200
Found in:Herobrine's Biome and Nether.

The Mysterious General
abilities: Lightning blast.
Damage per hit:1600
Found in:Herobrine's dimension, Herobrine's Biome.

abilities:Invincibility, extreme knockback, and custom manuevers
Damage per hit:2000
Found in:The End

abilities:Very explosive fireballs.
Damage per hit:8200
Found in:Herobrine's dimension.


Flame armour/sword/pickaxe (Helmet, Chestplate, leggings, boots)

Steve's armour (Helmet, Chestplate, leggings, boots)

Notches armour (Helmet, Chestplate, leggings, boots)

Herobrine's armour/sword/pickaxe (Helmet, Chestplate, leggings, boots)

To enchant any of these, put two of each armour piece in a crafting table (ex:two flame helmets) grab the flame helmet in the finished section with the mouse arrow (Not shift click) and it should become enchanted.

Ore of hope (once smelted it will turn to flame spirit).

Pizza food (gives resistance)

Pumpkin ghost food (gives jump boots)

Alliance maker (convinces Notch to go with you if you right click him with it)

Decorative ghost ore (once smelted it will turn to ghost of a player soul)

Imposing block

Friendly player block of true seeing

White eyed block (Portal frame block)

Energized evil block

Shifty block

Spy block

Dragon tamer

Hero's death bringer

Enjoy and have fun! Contact me here or at my email [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.
Progress100% complete

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