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HHG Survival OptiFine Texture Pack v2.4

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avatar Cart3r
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
This is a texture pack for Happy Hunger Games' Survival Gamemode! The pack works exclusively with optifine! Nearly every 'custom' ingame item has its own texture! If you don't have optifine (or are playing without the pack), nothing changes, and if you do, only items with name changes will undergo a change, whereas regular resource packs change all items of that type. If you don't have optifine, or simply don't want to use the pack, your gameplay will not be affected, allowing for everyone to be happy!

Note 1: It wouldn't let me upload this as a texture pack for some odd reason, so the website thinks its a world file. Just ignore this, as the download works as intended and gives you the correct resource pack files.

Note 2: Version 2.4 is here! The pack is up to date with HHG Survival, with nearly every custom item having a texture now! This update added a few Easter eggs, as well as giving the new teleport tomes, the regicide book, and the mummy loot cache a texture!

Here is a list of the items that the pack works with:

* Sols
* Golden Pendant
* Rusty Iron
* Siren Pearls (New animated texture!)
* Gold Rupee
* Hearty Farmers' Pies
* Herbs of Guthix
* Repellent Berries
* Founder Collection Items
* Shadow Leather
* Staff of the Wind (New texture for 1.6!)
* Zamorakian Rod
* Fishing Tomes (All Levels have a unique texture!)
* Fire Elemental Core
* Soul Stone
* Enchanted Flower
* Death Lily
* Starter Bread
* Raiding Horn
* Teleport Scrolls
* Weather Scrolls
* Time Scrolls
* Clue Scrolls (Once implemented)
* Imbued Bonemeal
* Regicide Custom Enchant Book
* Corrupted Mummy King Loot Cache
* Wizard Tower Teleport Spell Tome
* Pharaoh's Temple Teleport Spell Tome
* Dwarven Mines Teleport Spell Tome
* Azzanadra's Lair Teleport Spell Tome

* Auction House Interface Buttons


* Armor of the Sun
* Shadow Hood
* Prismarine Helmet
* King Bardolf's Crown
* Mermaid Boots
* Mithril Set
* Dragon Set
* Imbued Dragon Set
* Elder Rune Set
* Mining Set
* Agile Set
* Starter Set

* All Rank Armor (New item icons)

* Captain Redbeard's Sword
* Zaros Godsword (Double normal item size!)
* Dark Knight Sword
* Gnomish Sword
* Master Sword (Da na na naaaaaaa!)
* Saradominist Sword
* Sword of Arrav
* Starter Sword
* Wither Bow
* Prifddinian Warmaster Bow
* Edafosian Army Bow
* Amun Ra's Composite Bow
* Witch Hunt Bow
* Edafosian Army Bow
* Elven Bow
* Edafosian Army Crossbow
* Trident of the Seven Seas (Trident models/textures may not work correctly in 1.15.2 optifine)
* Poseidon's Trident (Trident models/textures may not work correctly in 1.15.2 optifine)
* Atlantis Trident (Trident models/textures may not work correctly in 1.15.2 optifine)
* Infernal Trident (Trident models/textures may not work correctly in 1.15.2 optifine)

* All Rank Bows

* All Rank Swords

* Acorngrove Axe
* Caveman Axe
* Mjolnir
* Master Lumberjack Axe
* Blast Mining Pickaxe
* Delfian Pickaxe
* Ender Pickaxe
* Granite Pickaxe
* Imbued Mythril Pickaxe
* Nightwind Pickaxe
* Pharaoh Pickaxe
* Land Claiming Shovel
* Pharaoh’s Shovel
* Master Excavator Shovel
* Ancient Dorgeshuun Shovel
* Sandy Shovel
* Zorterrarian Hoe
* Master Farmer's Scythe
* Wavemeet Rod
* Golden Rod
* Siren's Rod
* Master Angler's Rod
* Ethereal Shears
* Paranomix Shears
* Starter Toolset

* All Rank Tools

And on top of all that:
* Elytra Color Reskins (R O Y G B P + Pink) Simply name your elytra "(Color) Elytra"
* Elder Rune Elytra to match your Elder Rune armor set! Simply name your elytra "Elder Rune Elytra"
* Mithril Elytra to match your Mithril armor set! Simply name your elytra "Mithril Elytra"
* Dragon Elytra to match your dragon and imbued dragon set! Simply name your elytra "Dragon Elytra"
* Agile Elytra to match your Agile Armor set! Simply rename your elytra to "Agile Elytra"
* Diamond Elytra to match your armor set, as requested! Simply name your elytra "Diamond Elytra"
* Shulker Hats! Rename Diamond helmet to "(Color) Shulker Shell"!
* Rename Diamond Helmet to 'Face Mask' to help stop the spread of COVID19!
* Rename a Water Bucket to F.L.U.D.D. and use /hat to equip Fludd!
* Some slightly weird wearables also make an appearance!
Use /hat to equip the POW Box, Propeller Box, and Cannon Box!
* TONS of other Visual Easter Eggs, with over 40 and counting!

What's left - Here's My To-Do List, since we won't be getting new items for a bit.

Items -
* Interface Buttons (HDB, Estate Agent, Guild tasks, etc.)
* Player-made XP Bottles
* Custom Enchant books
* Azzanadra Loot Cache
* Any that I missed

Weapons -
* Any that I missed

Tools -
* Any that I missed

Easter Eggs -
* Lots.
CreditThanks to all that help with testing, designs, and feedback!
Progress100% complete
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