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Hide and Seek Game Plot! (/home HAS) (Wild West Map)

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    Posted 02/24/2016
    by SuperMonis
    Game Version: Minecraft 1.13
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avatar Jeessica
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
play.creativefun.net > /home HAS

This build can be found on the creative server play.creativefun.net and then /home HAS. It's a map of hide and seek for players on the server to play, however their must be a plot staff present in order for the game to be hosted. Information, how to play and rules is all listed in the area you spawn in when you teleport there. You can see what the main map looks like in the images above.

How to play:

Everyone at the plot must have either a "Seeker" or "Hider" role, depending on what they are wanting to be in the game, before we start. The hiders will be released first, and they have got 30 seconds to find themselves the perfect hiding spot that they think will last them the full length of the game. After the 30 seconds is up, the seekers will then be released onto the map to find the hiders (the seekers MUST punch the hider, in order for them to be found). They have got 20 minutes to find all of the hiders. Obviously, if all of the hiders aren't found in the time given, the hiders win, however if the seekers do find everyone then they win.

Plot rules:

- No cheating

- No trolling :: This means exposing players hiding spaces when you are spectating, and no irritating other players during a game or before a game is going to start.

- Don't ask to be added, trusted or plot staff on the plot :: I'll give this to people who I think deserve it, and who are actively coming to involve themselves in the game.

- You must play in survival mode. :: If you're a seeker or hider, and you are caught in creative mode (flying, etc) then you'll be eliminated from that round. If you are caught multiple times then you'll be denied from the plot. Elytras are not permitted in the game either.

- If you are seeking, you are not to use /near. :: This is so the hiders aren't found really easy, and the game is pretty boring when you find everybody within the first few minutes.

- No cross teaming :: So seekers and hiders cannot team with eachother. E.g. hiders telling seekers where they're and asking them not to look there. If you are caught, both of you will be denied from the plot.

- If you have been found, remove your Hider role and change it to "Found", so everybody knows.

- All of the server rules apply. So that means: No swearing, no inappropriate/offensive messages, etc.

Thanks for reading!

CreditVocatanioTenebris, xCloudyWhale
Progress100% complete

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