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Hide and Seek Map 1.19

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Bedrock Edition
ZussmanKlint's Avatar ZussmanKlint
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This Hide n Seek Map is the best to play with your friends! Fully powered with commands, tons of hiding spots and powerups/events! Be clever and hide where he can't see you!
This multiplayer map works on 1.19 and is fully functional because of command blocks.
Experimental Gameplay is also turned on so some commands are quite different than normal.
This games is opt to be played with friends. If you click the play button without anyone around, it will just automatically select you as seeker, keep the time running until it ends, chooses a random winner and that's it, depends on you if you want to mess around by yourself. Also other commands won't run.
But if you're playing with friends, here are your ways to win:
Seeker: Your goal is to find the hider (of course), kill at least one of them and collect the blaze rod, that easy, but they've got invisibility though and only wears an irremovable iron chestplate. Don't worry, given items to hiders cannot be thrown.
Hiders: Your goal is to find the right barrel hidden around the areas where the red flags are stationed and collect the echo shards (some are fake though) and only one area has the barrel ( sometimes it's not there~~~). The barrel's position is randomly placed in selected areas every game. There is also a large chance a barrel appearing somewhere will be chosen as a power up.
Warning!: If the seeker collects the echo shards from the barrel, hiders win, that's against the rules so, just guard it I guess, don't make it obvious~~~
Tips: A random power up will be chosen every 2 minutes (sometimes glitches and duplicates due to lag or whatever). It may benefit the hider or the seeker. Beware of sculk sensors to. They sometimes give the information where you are or just annoys you (don't let what I placed in the commands get into you, I just wanted a bit of fun while we were testing it so I added it haha). Some information though may lead you to wrong places.

The map(As you can see these are just certain random biomes around Minecraft worlds that I copied and pasted in this world and added a few structures and hiding spots. Hope you still like it though.)
Hope you like it! You can support me by Subscribing to my YouTube channel ZussmanKlint!

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