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[1.16] Hilltop Castle by UnknwnBuilds

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UnknwnBuilds avatar UnknwnBuilds
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect

This build is meant to serve as a survival world for anyone interested. It is a small castle located in a hills biome.
It has a custom interior within it. The spawn is set outside of the castle. You can access a small farm, a castle, and a lake from there.

When you download, you can expect this to be your first step into the world, a castle gifted to you by me. I do hope that you enjoy being within it.

Small castle with beds, furnaces, and storage.
Small Chicken farm with a house.
Custom terrain and trees
Access to all plants in the game within the forest

I am just going to say, this was gifted to you by me. There isn't much lore in it except what can be made with your mind.
You can access all the plants in-game within the forest, so here are your hints.

--They say the old farmer used to feed his chickens potatoes, I don't entirely think that's healthy for them, but they apparently tasted great.

--Pumpkins grow nearby, but melons? I don't believe this climate could support them, could it? Rumor has it that there is a patch of both tucked within the cliffs, a small corner.

--Berries are good and easy food, you can probably find them among other bushes.

--Carrots are nice and tasty and good for raising rabbits. I hear they can grow naturally, but only near small ponds.

--Beetroot is known to grow in places with little sun. But it will need water, of course, perhaps try some of the smaller ponds?

--Honey... well what is the use of honey? I don't know, maybe an engineer will need it for their next invention... The forest always does have a little buzz in it.

1.16.4 (Any 1.16 version should work)

1.Download the file from this site
2.Extract the world from the zipped file.
3.Input it into your saves file within your Minecraft folder.
4.Open up Minecraft and it should be in your single-player section.

Please do not steal this and mark it off as your own. If you do use it to upload a series based on it, send me a link to your videos! I would love to watch how the world develops around it.

Progress100% complete

01/22/2021 6:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3393233G avatar
cant find the dowload link.
01/22/2021 10:44 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
UnknwnBuilds avatar
So sorry! I was uploading this late at night and did not even realize it had not uploaded correctly. You should be able to see the (Download Minecraft Map) button now! Once again, I'm very sorry about that.
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